Happy Valentine’s Day!…but where’s Cupid?

I drove out of my compound early as usual before the rooster gave it’s annoying rendition of ‘Cock-a-doodle-doo’ which in Nigeria sounds more like ‘Coo-kuruuuuuuuuu-koo’. I didn’t notice anything that depicted Valentine’s day in the slightest. But probably I was just driving too fast.

If February 14 is supposed to be the day of love then why is it that the bus drivers still didn’t show me any as they wrestled for space as I reached stupidly constructed narrow roads? Why is it that I could hear a couple arguing next door in an uncompleted building next to my office about who finished the petrol in the generator? Why is it that the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) is currently picketing in front of Stallion Plaza, Marina-Lagos? I looked up to the sky to see if there was a ‘bird’ or a ‘plane’ but alas I couldn’t see Cupid swooping down with his bow and love-soaked arrow coming to my rescue 🙁

Back in my office however we’ve had what my boss called a ‘Love Prayer’ this morning in which all members of staff joined hands and prayed together. We also presented a lovely Forest Gateau with soft drinks on a table for all customers who walked into the banking hall. The music coming from the overhead speakers had one consistent theme that ran through each song – True Love by Tuface Idibia, The Power of Love by Celine Dion, Someone to (yes you guessed it) Love by Babyface…LOVE LOVE LOVE! Of course no Valentine gig at the office would be complete without the ol’ Secret Santa Valentine. The guys picked girls’ names at random from a bowl filled with little pieces of folded paper. Likewise the girls picked guys’ names from a different bowl. I bought a Cartier Body Lotion and Shower Gel pack for my lucky Val but I’m yet to know what I’m getting or who’s supposed to get something for me in the first place.

Whilst I’m on the subject, I bought my true Valentine something I knew she’d always wanted – a Blackberry. I got her the Curve 8520 with the Trackpad (so much better that that rollerball if you ask me). My neck is still recovering from the sleeper choke hold my girlfriend gave me – she was ecstatic. I’ll probably take her to watch a good Romcom this evening. The best part is that there’s a public holiday in Nigeria tomorrow whereby the Muslims will be celebrating Id-el-Maulud! 🙂

So I guess I have no real justification for seeming to start off as a Valentine Grinch. Yes, I was ‘seeing red’ when I encountered a bit of road rage earlier this morning but Valentine’s Day is turning out to be a quite cheerful day. I’m sporting my red slim tie and a pair of red and silver cufflinks like a good (Pro-Valentine) boy. There’s only one thing that is giving me a bit of discomfort…urgh! CAN SOMEBODY PLEASE GET CUPID’S ARROW OUT OF MY BUTT?!!!

4 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!…but where’s Cupid?

  1. Nice one hun !!! good to know you aren’t the V_Day Grinch 😛 and I’m sure the head lock was well deserved – I mean if you pamper your baby girl with a new BB – it’s bound to happen !!

    Do share a pic of the cufflinks !! this I want to see !! I love it when a man wears them !!

    I tried to pull the arrow out but your butt cheeks are clenched too tight !!! lol

    • Thanx Double-D. About cupid’s arrow I just want to be able to sit down again (sigh). I’ll take a pic this weekend and show you the cufflinks. I wonder what YOU got for Valentine’s day….or are you just gonna keep it a (Victoria’s) secret 😉

  2. phew!! wot i had to do just to be able to say i liked dis article…. had to create an account, activate it and verify d log in details….. i gess i mite as well start blogging too….

    • Wow! thanks sis…what an awfully nice surprise! Welcome to blog world and I look forward to reading some of your articles…once you actually get down to writing something 😉

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