Entry #71 – American Music Awards 2010

This is probably a late post as it were but I’m gonna post it anyway. What a show that was! Truth be told, I only caught the last 15mins of it. But in that short space of time I enjoyed two memorable moments:

First off, Justin Beiber gets up on stage to pick up his fourth award and after thanking the usual suspects responsible for his success he goes sentimental and invites his mentor (Usher) to share the award with him. I can’t begin to tell you which part made me almost shed a tear (hey, I said ‘almost’). Was it sharing the award with Usher? Was it the fact that Justin referred to Usher as his big brother? Or was it the fact that Justin and Usher hugged so much like they were long-lost relatives? There was so much love there that could wrench even the most stubborn of hearts. Maybe its just because I’ve experienced a bout of racism whilst in the UK that I tend to get emotional when I see Ebony and Ivory ‘come together in perfect harmony’ (do not sing the cheesy song, please).

Last but not least, this is was arguably the next best collaboration since Run DMC and Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler – NKOTBSB (New Kids On The Block & BackStreet Boys) gave a spectacular performance! To be fair, it wasn’t executed perfectly but we’re talking about two rival groups who’ve never been on the same stage performing together…ever, up until now. They didn’t lip-sync (but they should have) so their weak voices just barely made it through without cracking. The dance routines appeared smooth except for one cringeworthy moment when the mic of NKOTB’s lead singer was spun away from his mouth (2:48). A fellow band member on his left knocked the mic as he was doing a spin but the lead singer made quite a quick recovery as he put the mic back in place. Apart from that I enjoyed this unique experience. In case you missed it (or you skipped the channel because you thought it was going to be some NSYNC-sh*t) here’s the video for your amusement 😀 

4 thoughts on “Entry #71 – American Music Awards 2010

  1. I didn’t see the AMAs, as I was sitting in a hot, cramped theatre watching the first installment of the final Harry Potter movie. I don’t have an opinion, so don’t ask.
    Just shoot me now.
    I’m sure the second half will be awesome.
    On a better note, I very much like the new blog layout. It’s quite handsome. Very easy on the eyes.

  2. Lol. Sounds like u weren’t thrilled. Bet your kids were tho. I think I’ve only watched 3/4 of the very first ep and 1/4 of the second. I’ll wait for the DVD box set this Xmas.

    Glad u like the blog theme. TCN is going thru puberty 😀

  3. No One can argue with the fact that Bieber has “The Voice” smooth as silk, soft as velvet.. and he’s only a boy.
    Anyway he owes everything… except his voice.. to Usher you know… so I’m not too surprised.

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