Entry #24 – Sick ‘n tired

Well, i’ve got a sore throat and i’ve been sneezing all afternoon…hmm (don’t even say it). Alas it was a bout of goat meat peppersoup that made me feel a lot better today. I am physically exhausted. I’ve done a 6-day week, working Monday to Saturday. I feel a bit feverish all of a sudden. Could it be malaria? Must take preventive medication before I…I…cease to…make any sense. Cheaters is on telly…why do men cheat? Women cheat too but I think men take the lead. It’s nothing to do with the girl…its greed…just wanting to eat your cake and have it at the same time. Wanting to get the best of both worlds. They realize its not fun anymore when they get caught…why is that? Men are pigs. I’m not a pig…even as I grunt with the discomfort of an itchy throat…f**k! Swine symptoms! Need to be quarantined…shit! I kissed my girlfriend earlier today (whoops). This could be the start of a pandemic…I am going delirious…the medication must be working…I…I…ZZZzzzzzzzz…

2 thoughts on “Entry #24 – Sick ‘n tired

  1. Oh no !!! I hope you are feeling better … I’ve been down with this crappy feeling since last Sunday .. in fact the day you posted this .. I really you hope you are better …

    Has the itching stopped ? is your girlf ok ? did you spread the germs ?? I was in quarantine – practically under house arrest … I did the heroic thing by trying to go to work yesterday – and guess what happened; almost passed out and was soo exhausted that had to make another trip to the doc who’s drugged me for the next 10 days !!!

    Have some ginger juice, honey and hot water – it should cure any itchy throat symptoms ..

    • I’m better now, thanx. Evry1 around me has been feeling a bit under the weather so its been quite a chain reaction.Hope you get better soon too! Honey’s good.

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