Entry #14 – A stockmarket with a twist

Okay, the idea is pretty simple. Forget the convetional company stocks & shares. How about shares based on real people? Obama shares, Madonna stocks, Beckham securities, Federer bonds. It sounds ludicrous but wouldn’t it be more fun? You could naturally keep up with the news on your portfolio by listening to CNN, SkyNews, ESPN, MTV News, etc. and you would be able to know how well they’re performing. You wouldn’t have to wait for your broker to tell you when to sell or when to buy. After recent happenings, today I’d be selling all my Brown shares in the US and the UK (Chris and Gordon) and investing more in Beyonce, Jonas Brothers and SpongeBob Squarepants.

I guess the only problem would be how much value you would put on all these celebrities in the first place. Hmm…I’ll have to go back to the drawing board 🙁

4 thoughts on “Entry #14 – A stockmarket with a twist

  1. omg…that’d be so wackeddd
    i’m in the stockbroking sector, i can imagine how crazy the floor would be, everyone trying to sell of their chris shares(with no buyers)and blaming their stockbrokers for making them buy it in the first place….
    now beyonce’d be some hot stock to invest in:)

  2. wicked twist .. wish I knew of that concept before the stock market took a plunge !! but hey – whilst you figure out the values – I’ll just save up for my next bit stock purchase

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