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call me caitlynI was having a conversation with some colleagues at work when suddenly the breaking news from CNN on the office’s TV displayed the following caption: No more Bruce: Meet Caitlyn Jenner. For those of you who aren’t fans of the ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ show or have no idea who Bruce Jenner is (a retired American athlete whose won a gold medal in just about every cardiovascular sport known to mankind), he’s just retired again…but from being a man…



Before I started writing this article I asked myself so many questions (and counting) which I’ll share before making my own judgement observations:

  1. Is he going to continue dating women or is he going to start dating men?
  2. Will he continue to be a dad to his kids or will he be their second mama?
  3. Does he plan to have sex in his new body or is it everything else but?
  4. Will he have his own reality TV show separate from the KUWTK show?
  5. Is this bold move going to set off a chain reaction of vocal sex change aspirants?
  6. When his kids get married would he be referred to as the father of the bride/groom?
  7. Will he destroy or give away every belonging that reminds him of his male past?
  8. Would the equivalent of this transformation be accepted in Nigeria?
  9. Would he be able to restore his manhood per chance he changed his mind?


While you ponder these questions over a cold beer and some nuts, I guess it’s easy for us to pass judgments about the morality of this gender change. Mind you, people have been doing for decades (so long as they’ve got the money to back it up). It’s easy to say,’Well, good for him’. But what if  you have a member of your family wishing to do the same thing? How would you treat that person? Talk him or her out of it? Take him or her to a crusade where the preacher will proceed to cast out ‘the demons’ invoking these gender change thoughts? Or would you beat the living daylights out of ’em?

We were all born in a certain physical way. We were also all born in a certain mental way. The mind knows what it wants but this same mind is very fragile indeed.If Bruce always wanted to be a woman at some point in his life then nothing else would have made him happier than realizing his dream. Some of us want to be rich. Some of us don’t want to pay taxes. Some of us want to marry five wives. Some of us want 100 million twitter followers. And some of us want to be called Caitlyn…

caitlyn prettier than kris


9 thoughts on “Call me Caitlyn

  1. Common! Kris looks amazing… this whole transgender thing is confusing, how will they explain to his grand kids, that grandpa is now grandma…i give up. I salute his courage though

  2. I don’t know a whole lot about Bruce Jenner, except that he is stepdad of the dreadful Kardashians. However, I applaud his courage to go ahead and do all that he has done. It must have been a dreadfully difficult thing to do, and, given his/her stature, now he/she is a terrific role model for those who are unable to accept who they were when they were born.

  3. Answers to most of these questions are easy to look up on the Internet. And he’s wanted to be a woman for most of his life – it wasn’t an easy decision. Sometimes relatives need to stop being selfish and accept that people have to do what’s best for them. He’s not hurting anybody. There are actual rapists and murderers out there that deserve our hate

    • I’ve got that hate well reserved in the bank (earning interest, lol). He’s not hurting anybody and he’s happy – isn’t that what everybody wants? Me thinks so

  4. Call him photoshopped! That’s more airbrushing than you’d see on a Playboy centerfold! The whole thing makes my skin crawl… Though maybe I should go through a sex change operation so I can be a pro women’s cyclist right out of the box!

    As a guy, Cat 5. Sex Change, Cat 1 going for my pro card. Sponsorships, covers of sports illustrated… Sign me up Bruce – I mean Caitlyn. Hell, at least he’s a lesbian now. Brilliant.

    • lol @ photoshopped. That’s a given for most mags. Whether we like it or not he’s going to enjoy some cool perks that he probably was being starved off when Kris bear-hugged the spotlight. As a matter of fact, is Keeping Up with the Kardashians in jeopardy? I wonder…

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