Entry #57 – Have you sighted a U.B.O?

I was just thinking to myself, ‘I could be sitting next to a blogger and not even know it’. It could be someone sitting next to me in church. It could be a colleague in my office. It could be the driver in the car in front or behind me. It could be just about anybody. 

But what if there was some  way of identifying bloggers, maybe a customized wrist-band or something.

The positives are worth considering:

  1. You could become a socialite overnight. Some people still start up conversations with asking about whether or not the other person is on Facebook. Well, you could tell someone your blog address instead and kick-off from there.
  2. You don’t have to worry about giving out your personal phone number to a stranger or deliberately giving out a phony number in the first place. Just be sure to limit the amount of personal info you display on your blog.
  3. You could build up your fanbase through your outdoor interactions and even enjoy the benefits of word-of-mouth.
  4. Who knows if you will stumble upon your future life partner as a result of wearing your blog on your sleeve? You’d certainly enjoy the benefits of mouth-to-mouth 😉
  5. Bloggers would be better connected and able to have ‘reunions’ or ‘exclusive real-life blog parties’ and what about real-life awards…not just online awards with no clapping audience or interludes with performing artists. This is a possibilty in the near future but it has to start from somewhere.

This could unite bloggers all over the world. I dare to imagine how many blogs are out there in Blogosphere. Things are becoming so techy and isolated. I guess I want bloggers to be able to be seen outside in the real world and not just on-screen. After all, we are not UBOs (Unidentified Blogging Objects) we are human…aren’t we? (sigh)

6 thoughts on “Entry #57 – Have you sighted a U.B.O?

  1. Ah, bloggers are so isolated! I like your last idea, except I would add something even more personal to it. What about: city-by-city blogger meetings? Sure, as Mikey has said, I’m sure there will be some schmucks along the way, but they become easy to weed out fairly quickly!

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