Entry #57 – Have you sighted a U.B.O?

I was just thinking to myself, ‘I could be sitting next to a blogger and not even know it’. It could be someone sitting next to me in church. It could be a colleague in my office. It could be the driver in the car in front or behind me. It could be just about anybody. 

But what if there was some  way of identifying bloggers, maybe a customized wrist-band or something.

The positives are worth considering:

  1. You could become a socialite overnight. Some people still start up conversations with asking about whether or not the other person is on Facebook. Well, you could tell someone your blog address instead and kick-off from there.
  2. You don’t have to worry about giving out your personal phone number to a stranger or deliberately giving out a phony number in the first place. Just be sure to limit the amount of personal info you display on your blog.
  3. You could build up your fanbase through your outdoor interactions and even enjoy the benefits of word-of-mouth.
  4. Who knows if you will stumble upon your future life partner as a result of wearing your blog on your sleeve? You’d certainly enjoy the benefits of mouth-to-mouth 😉
  5. Bloggers would be better connected and able to have ‘reunions’ or ‘exclusive real-life blog parties’ and what about real-life awards…not just online awards with no clapping audience or interludes with performing artists. This is a possibilty in the near future but it has to start from somewhere.

This could unite bloggers all over the world. I dare to imagine how many blogs are out there in Blogosphere. Things are becoming so techy and isolated. I guess I want bloggers to be able to be seen outside in the real world and not just on-screen. After all, we are not UBOs (Unidentified Blogging Objects) we are human…aren’t we? (sigh)

~Safety: On the road

Whilst you move around on the Nigerian roads you need to be cautious about your surroundings. It is unfortunate that there are touts who like to parade around high-traffic areas where road congestion is frequent. If you are in a car, albeit the driver or passenger, ensure that you lock your car doors before you set off for your journey, and every time you get back into the car during the day. There have been past reports of hoodlums attempting to open car doors and carrying out robberies.


Always keep your windows wound up closed. I have a friend who kept her window only 2- inches down in a traffic-jam at night, when suddenly a thief forced his arm through the space and snatched her necklace. Endeavour to use the AC (Air Conditioning) in order to seal up your car as much as possible.


At night, do not follow shortcuts or ‘back routes’ which are hidden away from the general public. These could be potential hideout spots for rogues and armed-robbers. Only use such shortcuts in the daytime or when there are other cars using it when you are, preferably before dark.


As much as possible stay in your car at all times until you get to your destination – sounds easy enough, right? What if one night on the road you spotted a broken down vehicle up ahead with a woman seeming stranded and you decided to be a Good Samaritan? There have been cases of staged breakdowns used as an ambush for well-to-do motorists. Nowadays the LASTMA force is on stand by on major roads to assist or tow such broken down vehicles. I am not saying we shouldn’t come to the aid of stranded motorists. It could happen to you too but this is what I’d expect you to do:


Call for a friend’s assistance using your mobile phone (which is a must in case of emergencies) and if he/she is on his/her way then you lock yourself up in the car and sit tight till the cavalry arrive. Alternatively you can lock up the car and, so long as you’ve parked well off the road, take public transport to get assistance. Be careful when being approached by eager pedestrians who suddenly appear from nowhere to help. Keep your valuables (wallet, purse, watch, etc) in your glove compartment and lock your car up first. If you see that where you’re stranded has human-traffic then you shouldn’t have much to worry about. Never find yourself out late, alone and without a (fully-charged) mobile phone – ‘tis a deadly medley.

Entry #3 – Moment of madness

Yesterday I dont know what came over me. I was driving back from work late about 8pm when this massive commercial bus started blaring its horn behind me. There was no room in front of me, I wasn’t slowing down, and I sure as hell wasn’t stopping the driver from overtaking me. This nuisance continued for a good 5mins. I was getting attention I did not want. I felt humiliated. I felt like every other driver was laughing at me. I had enough…

I swerved off the middle lane and stayed on the lefthand side, allowing the impatient bufoon to pass by – and that’s when my MOM (Moment Of Madness) paid an unexpected visit. I swerved back into the middle lane behind the bus and guess what I did next 😀


The bus driver started attempting to get off the lane. I started chasing him – I don’t know what the hell for though. Other drivers were grinning as I beeped a ‘happy-birthday-to-you’ sounding tune – I had to stop halfway though cos I realized I could have been endangering the passengers on the bus, not to mention, myself!

This isn’t me, I thought. I was a victim of road rage and this time I took it a lil too far. Note to self – no more Red bulls before driving…even if it was intended to stop me from dozing off in traffic.