Best and Worst of 2013

2013Hello and welcome to 2014 – another year of mystery, excitement and doors of opportunities (if only you’re willing to knock and enter). As usual my blog will remain unpredictably amusing and packed with crazy articles (I swear over my three dead goldfish – Ginger, Goldie and Blacky) so without further ado, let’s do a flashback of what I can remember to be the best, worst and in-between’s of 2013:

Best Nigerian song of 2013 – Skelewu by Davido

Best Movie of 2013Fast and Furious 6 (RIP Paul Walker)

Best High Profile Attendance…EverFuneral of the late Nelson ‘Madiba’ Mandela

Worst hit in the Nigeria’s Phone market – Blackberry (for Android…I mean obvious reasons)

Most repeated phrase in my office – ‘How far?’ (as in, ‘Are you done yet?’)

Best Suspenseful Moment on TV – Announcement of Prince George’s birth

Worst spectacle televised on stageMiley Cyrus crotch-teasing twerking against Robin Thicke

Most Devastating Natural DisasterSuper Typhoon Haiyan

Worst 45hours ever spent doing nothing usefulThird Mainland Bridge traffic jam

Best blog moment – Hitting my target of 300 published articles and 100,000 page views

Best thing since Jerry Springer – Former president Obasanjo’s letter, President Goodluck’s letter and Obasanjo’s daughter’s letter.

Worst thing I bought on holidayPhillips Power Touch; shaves nothing and charges forever.

Best website; Convert files in ANY format online without downloading software! Brilliant!!!

That’s about it from me but I’m sure there’s so much I missed out (I never said I was CNN…I’m ‘TCN’ and don’t you forget it!). If you care to share your best and worst things about the previous year then you’ve got my full permission to let it out just this once 😉

1 thought on “Best and Worst of 2013

  1. I disagree with ur best song. Well, I can’t stand davido.
    I’ll go for Caro actually, the song Wizkid features on.

    Rest in peace Paul Walker, but Fast 5 was better to me. My fave movie in 2013 was Iron Man 3

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