How will you celebrate New Year’s eve?

It was the post before New Year’s day…and I was 39 views away from 100,000! Just a couple more hours to meet my target *biting fingernails*

I’m writing this post in a hurry because I need to get home, change and attend church for 10pm. My crossover into the new for the last few years has been in church and it’s always been memorable. I plan to do a thorough review of 2013 in my next post (as opposed to editing this one) but in the meantime you can enjoy another one of my recent rants on the topic….Enjoy and have a (insert countdown)…2…0…1…4……….HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

5 thoughts on “How will you celebrate New Year’s eve?

  1. Lol! As for me, I’m so ‘dry’ and the ‘feelamongus’ virus hasn’t hit me yet. So, what did you do on New Years eve? 🙂 Hope you made the 100,000 views- that’d be something. Happy new year!

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