Amber vibes

amber alertWhen a guy meets a girl he likes, there’s usually one thing he wants to know almost immediately – Does she like him too? (Or what her name is, if he’s the patient type). Now, if the girl is already gaga over him then she’s probably already given him dead easy signals. But girls (at least the sophisticated ones) don’t normally want to give signals away so easily; in some parts that could be considered rather desperate. Personally, I like subtle signals because they spice up the thrill of the chase. There’s no satisfaction quite like knowing all your hard work paid off after convincing a hard-to-get girl you like to be in a serious relationship with (easy-to-get) you. Well, Coca-cola may be more satisfying.

Using the functionality of a traffic light to explain the signals girls give guys, RED denotes ‘STOP and don’t you dare come any closer unless you want to feel the wrath of my mace brand pepper spray’. AMBER denotes ‘MAYBE you could distract me from my Blackberry for more than 5 minutes’. So if you’re a guy whose sick and tired of waiting for that dream girl to wink at you, blow you a kiss, and perhaps even waltz over to you and say, ‘Could I possibly give you a GREENER light, you stud muffin?’,  then take note of the following amber signals conservative girls give off after the initial exchange of contact details:

She sends you a random text message. Translation – she’s thinking about you.

She doesn’t keep checking her smartphone for updates when she’s with you. Translation – she’s has respect for you.

She makes occasional references to things you previously said. Translation – she’s interested in what you had to say

She gives you alternatives when you try to schedule a date/meet-up. Translation – she enjoys your company.

She calls you back if she says she’s busy. Translation – she think’s you’re worth the time, call credit and effort.

If you’ve experienced any of these signals then keep doing your thing and work your way to her heart before someone else does. If however you thought your girl was giving you amber vibes but didn’t exhibit any of the ones mentioned above, then you might probably just have an acute case of Jaundice 🙂

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