5 Signs that he does not love you anymore

cracked eggIf Love was an ‘unboiled’ egg…then you’d agree that it should be handled very delicately. The problem is that the ‘egg’ has to be borne by two partners; each trying to protect the egg. If care is not taken and it shatters then even ‘all the kings horses and all the kings men wouldn’t be able to put it back together again’ (And the moral of this analogy is No heat No boiled egg!)

Women tend to make more of an effort when it comes to love so they’re more likely to spot when their man doesn’t seem to love them anymore. For those that don’t here’s 5 signs that could help answer their dreaded relationship question – Does he or doesn’t he love me anymore?:

1. He’s always engaged – He used to want to plan things with you and spend time with you but nowadays he’s at some engagement or is staying out late ‘trying to meet up some deadline at work’. He doesn’t seem to mind that you’re not part of any decision-making plans he has.

2. He’s always tired – Well, what else could one expect after all those engagements, right? Wrong. When it’s too frequent then he must be either extremely lazy or and weighing over 500 lbs. The truth is he doesn’t want to do things with you and would rather have his own space. Space is good for everyone but too much especially when a couple is living together is rather odd.

3. He doesn’t give you treats like he used to – If he never used to buy you treats before you both got into a relationship then I could understand why this would be a difficult sign to spot. An extremely thoughtless would forget your birthday or and not even buy a ‘make up’ gift (and I don’t mean mascara).

4. He rarely wants to be intimate – This is a dead giveaway but probably not noticeable if the woman is not too intimate in the first place. He stops kissing you as much or wanting to go beyond. He doesn’t hold you close and almost seems to be avoiding that kind of contact so much you almost forget what his once familiar natural body scent is like anymore.

5. He never says much – If he’s not talking he’s probably talking to someone else (not insinuating cheating but definitely insinuating sharing YOUR talk-time with someone who’s not you). If you think he’s always been a quiet man then he better not be exhibiting any of the four previously discussed signs.

Look out for more ‘men facts’ but in the meantime I’ll leave you with a funny post from great blogger I follow talking about men who should never have said anything at all 🙂

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