10 Day YOU Challenge: 3 Films

Day 8 – I would much rather be watching a movie right now than to complete this blog challenge; it’s like climbing Mount Everest. How do you pick 3 favourite films out of a repertoire of blockbusters? Allow me to guide you…

1. Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels: Definitively Guy Ritchie’s best film to date. I dare call it the British response to America’s Pulp Fiction. Lock Stock is a fusion of raw comedy and violence, with enough twists and turns to leave you needing a chiropractor. You have to have a good sense of humour to enjoy this and if you don’t pay attention from the beginning then it would all look like a Western remake i.e. Cowboy showdowns. I have to give it to Vinnie Jones (the guy opposite with the two double barrels). He says, close to the end of the movie and with a blank expression on his face, ‘It’s been emotional’. Whilst you’d agree with him it’s just funny to hear it from a guy who barely showed any emotion in the movie what’s so ever! Now Nate Dogg comes to mind…  

2. Die Hard: Do they still make action movies like this? Neh…not without CGI (Computer Generated Images) and an overdose of stuntmen. Bruce Willis carried out most of the stunts himself – that’s probably why it all seemed very believable. Sure it’s got a few cheesy one-liners but which Hollywood movie doesn’t? Interestingly enough, Bruce and I started losing our hair about the same time – By the time he did Die Hard 4.0 he was sporting the ‘Cue ball’ look (I was sporting the ‘8-ball’, without the ‘8’ tattooed on my head, of course). I really hope they work on Die Hard 5 even though they’re probably running out of ‘Baddie’ profiles to adopt – Terrorists (Die Hard), Mercenaries (Die Harder), Relatives of Terrorists (Die Hard With A Vengeance) and Hackers (Live Free or Die Hard). What next?

3. The Matrix: Do you want to know what the Matrix is? The Matrix is all around us. It is there while you work…while you’re taking your coffee…while you pay your taxes (huh?). After watching this brilliant Sci-fi movie from the Wachowski brothers I just wanted to bend over backwards, dodge bullets and watch all the other action movies I’ve ever seen in 3-D slow mo! The sequel Matrix Reloaded is equally good (and Matrix Revolutions should never have been done, in my honest opinion) but once you’ve taken the blue pill it’s not quite the same effect, is it 😉



6 thoughts on “10 Day YOU Challenge: 3 Films

  1. 3 of my favourite films ! Lock Stock is a classic =)
    Die Hard – it’s true, they don’t make movies like that any more
    Matrix – I wish I could memorize everything like Neo did when he was getting his crash course in ‘how-to-learn-everything’ hehehe

  2. Man! When I saw the line from the Matrix, “Do you want to know what the Matrix is? ” ,it literally thrilled me. The rest of the dialogue from that scene continued in my head. I really loved the Matrix series cos they were so deep and philosophical. And they revealed the psychology behind the power-play in the world. I consider it the greatest Hollywood movie ever produced.

    I really enjoyed the Die Hard series too, especially the first one.And that’s largely because it was the first time I’d seen Bruce Willis cast in a role completely different from his popular role in the TV series, Moonlighting. I was impressed.

    • I’m a die-hard Bruce Willis fan! And the first one is the best indeed. I’m sure you have the Matrix trilogy set already. I wonder what could top this action movie in the years to come.

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