The Final Lap

Source: 4dxbook.comI’ve come to realize that, unknown to me, I’ve been running a marathon race. The weird thing is that it’s not your usual kinda race. You see, in a conventional race you participate because you want to win it; but not this race I’m running. I call it the Single4Life race. It’s quite simple really – you start the race with a bunch of your unmarried friends and you can run this race for years. Along each lap you find that participants start to pull out; not because they’re exhausted but because they suddenly have partners they’re engaged to. This leaves the remaining bitter unmarried participants to continue the race.

The race doesn’t have a particular number of laps. You could keep running this race until you’re the last single person – that would technically make you the winner. Though I can’t say if the grand prize would be all that rewarding; 3rd place gets a one year access to a premium dating club, 2nd place gets a full directory of beautiful partners who want no commitment, 1st place gets…(wouldn’t you like to know, lol).

This brings me to…well…me! Like I said earlier, I’ve been running this race for quite a while now and even just a few weeks ago another good friend chickened pulled out and got himself married. It’s a new year and somehow I feel I’m in my final lap. I can’t wait to pull out…because this sure is one race I do not want to win. I’ve already started to slow down, the blisters on my feet are pulsating, and I’m sweating like a CEO of a loss-making company right before an ad-hoc board meeting. It’s high time I start running a new race…and that’s the one to the altar. Wish me luck 😉

10 thoughts on “The Final Lap

  1. That’s really sweet. I hope you find true love very soon, or at least a willing participant in helping you lose the race! Lol. Are there any possible suitors (or whatever the word for the female suitor is) on the horizon?

  2. Nice write-up.. I could help pull u out of d race if u dnt mind..lmao..I’m new here buh I lik wat I see *in wande coal’s voice*

  3. ahhh…bless….this got me laughing big time.
    Now it all makes sense after reading this blog…your dp from a few days ago…*smiling*
    remember what they say about d patient dog…lol…okay okay…dude hurry up and marry already jor. She will be a good woman who will make it worth the wait….*wink*

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