Oh deer…I’m on trial!

I’ve been watching the Dr. Conrad Murray trial on TV and I laughed when I heard one of the paramedics liken the defendant’s facial expression to ‘a deer in the headlights’. Apparently the disoriented doctor was putting items into a bag when one of the paramedics unexpectedly returned to Michael Jackson’s room, to which the doctor turned round with that I’ve-been-caught-red-handed-and-now-it’s-all-over look on his face. Was it guilt that made him react this way? Some things about this case don’t add up:

1. If the defendant’s lawyers are claiming that Michael Jackson administered the lethal dose of Propofol  then how was he able to do it if he was already bed-ridden and having to pee into a condom caphiter?

2. If Michael Jackson’s heart had stopped beating for 1 minute when Dr. Murray made the emergency call then why is it that when the paramedics arrived 5 minutes later they deduced that Michael Jackson’s heart was inactive for about 1 hour?

3. If Dr. Murray wanted to assist the paramedics then why did he not mention the drugs that were administered to Michael Jackson? He had three opportunities; over the phone, in the ambulance, and at the hospital. He remained silent.

What is even more surprising is that Dr. Murray’s lawyers seem very laid back in the court room. I can’t recall hearing any of the them utter the word, ‘Objection’. Initially I couldn’t tell the difference between the defendant’ lawyers and the prosecution’s until I noticed the lawyers sitting in Dr. Murray’s camp. If Dr. Murray snapped out of that chronic trance he’d notice that his case was looking very weak. I’m stunned that he isn’t opting to change his lawyers by now. They are slowly digging his grave – perhaps they’re actually die-hard Michael Jackson fans with an axe to grind (into Dr. Murray’s head!).

As for Amanda Knox, she’s always looked guilty. Some years back she was jailed for the murder of her housemate Meredith Kercher but she appealed. Today the verdict will be read out. I just hope that both defendants get whatever verdict that would reflect that justice has been upheld and that the truth has been told. God help them.

Question: If you were Pontius Pilate and you had the power to pardon either Dr. Conrad Murray or Amanda Knox (sending the other to life imprisonment), which person would you set free, and why? 


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    • I guess you’re psychic because she’s officially free now! (unless the prosecution file for an appeal to the Supreme Court). Thanks for stopping by!

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