You can do the Harlem shake!

This deliberately absurd but delightfully entertaining ‘meme‘ has been orchestrated in just about every ingeniously creative style within offices, warehouses, army camps, and even airplanes! While the dance video craze is still trending across the world faster than tweets about Pope Francis (the first non-European to lead the Roman Catholic Church in over 1000 years), I was yet to come across a CRAZY Harlem Shake video IN NIGERIA – that is, until now… 😀

But before you impatiently scroll down to the bottom of this post in order to satisfy your curiosity as to whether or not I made a cameo appearance in this dance video, allow me first to bring the newbies/my blog visitors up to speed in a quick crash course:

1. The Harlem Shake videos are purely for entertainment. No records show that participants have become filthy rich or have attained celebrity status…at least in the ‘Psy (Mr. Gangam Style) sense’.

2. The video consists of some basic components –

  • The Harlem Shake song by Baauer plays in the background and the video lasts for approximately 38 seconds.
  • One (masked) individual does a funny dance alone for a few seconds in the mist of a bunch of seemingly uninterested people/friends/coworkers.
  • After the deep ‘Harlem Shake’ vocal is bellowed, all the once uninterested people literally go berserk and sometimes do a bit more than wild dancing.
  • At some point in the video (or sometimes just before the end) there’s a slow motion effect which I think is just genius and adds this ‘Hollywood movie’ feel to it, in my opinion.

3. You can find TONS of Harlem Shake videos on Youtube so go knock yourself out. But wait! Here’s one I promised earlier…Enjoy!


5 thoughts on “You can do the Harlem shake!

    • ‘It’s er…relative’ – is my best answer, lol. There’s actually a real dance move called the Harlem shake which uses a lot of shoulder wiggles from one side to the other. THIS Harlem shake however is what you quite rightly described it to be – NUTS lol.

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