What to expect after Nigeria wins AFCON

Source: Google imagesAgainst unimaginable odds the Super Eagles yesterday won the African Cup of Nations…19 years since their last win – and to them I say a huge congratulations for achieving this feat. After all the jubilation the big question now is what are we to expect in Nigeria:

  • Fireworks being set off over the next couple of nights
  • All Nigerian newspapers carrying a picture of the team celebrating the win
  • Lost office hours resulting from staff conversing about the epic final
  • Hypertensive Nigerians finally settling to watch the full match replay (which they refused to watch earlier)
  • A surge in the population of new-born babies in November (or perhaps sale of birth control pills)
  • In that same month a rise in the number of male babies named ‘Sunday’ (regardless of the actual day they were born)
  • Abuse of bragging rights over the next 2 years, to the annoyance of every other African country.
  • A renewed sense of patriotism displayed with Nigerian mini flags sticking out from vehicles.
  • Stephen Keshi will be asked to lead us to qualify in the next World Cup

These are merely speculations but only time will tell if I’m wrong…and I doubt that 🙂

8 thoughts on “What to expect after Nigeria wins AFCON

  1. That is extraordinarily exciting news! I am sure that Nigeria ground to a halt the minute that final ball was kicked/thrown/batted over the/into the final goal! (can you tell I have NO idea what sport this is?). 🙂

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