What can N100 buy you in Lagos?

As at Feb 27, 2009 here are a number of things N100/$0.68/₤0.48/ €0.54 could buy you in Lagos:
  1. A 100ml plastic bottle of Coca-cola, Fanta, Sprite (but bottled water can be N60)
  2. 11 medium tomatoes from your local ‘Sunday’ market
  3. 1 Mr.Biggs’ sausage roll (previously N80 at the start of February)
  4. A recharge voucher from Zain telecommunications (talk time may vary)
  5. 10 Puff-Puff balls (like a donut, only without the hole)
  6. Parking space (pretty much anywhere) when an opportunist with space sees you’re desperate
  7. 6 oranges
  8. 1 apple
  9. 5 packs of ‘PK’ chewing gum (the ones with only 4 capsule-like pieces)
  10. 1 hair cut for men or tomboys (costs more if a generator is put on when NEPA/PHCN strikes)
  11. Approximately 1.5litres of petrol (currently sold at N65 per litre)
  12. 6 sheets of brown paper…
  13. 1 music CD (mostly local artists, and some amateur compilations of international artists)
  14. Toll gate ticket to get into Murtala Mohammed airport (getting out will cost you another N100!)
  15. Some selected local newspapers (The PUNCH will cost you an extra N50)
  16. A cashcard from selected banks unto which you can save & withdraw money
  17. Loading cash unto the cashcard each time you deposit money
  18. A copy of Every Day With Jesus by Selwyn Hughes (with N20 to spare)
  19. Have at least 3 pairs of your shoes polished or mended by the local mobile cobbler
  20. A medium ‘breakfast bowl’ size full of rice, stew/sauce, meat from street-side caterers (may cause diaorrhea) 


7 thoughts on “What can N100 buy you in Lagos?

  1. Wow! the price of things have really gone up. When i left in 2003 100 naira was a big deal. puff puff was 5naira and i remeber i use to buy mirinda or pepsi for 10 niara but i think it became like 12naira b4 i left. purewater was 5niara but i guess dat would have changed now too.

  2. Pepsi and Mirinda are now N50, but purewater (surprisingly) is still N5! There was a temporary increase to N10 last yr but there was a huge backlash from the ‘public’ and it went back to N5 🙂

  3. whoa!!! N50 for mirinda???? chei!! dat is very serious. so mirinda is now a luxury. God will help us and raise up people that will change the economy for the better.

  4. Amen Naijaprincess…Amen! The market forces of demand and supply are being manipulated by the capitalists and we’re at their mercy. We need a hero…Superman?

  5. our own don pass super man, na Honestmen we need. i heard great things about the new lagos governor, if we get more Appointed officials like him that are ready to serve the country and not their pocket and Smartmen that can come up with great ways to utilize our resources to generate revenues, we gon be okay

  6. I agree with you on that. We need Honestmen, Smartmen and perhaps Watchmen just to make sure the Honestmen and Smartmen don’t later develop any funny ideas 😉

    Yes, Fashola (Lagos, Gov) is doing a great job, especially with the roads. He has reduced road congestion immensely in some problem areas, and even evicted unwanted sellers who obstruct traffic flow. He’s beautifying the streets of Lagos gradually with palm trees. He gets my thumbs up anyday!

  7. Well thats good to hear…..
    I was just about to say how cheap everyhting sounds lol …
    the price has risen everywhere …I remember when here in London it was £2 for a day travel card now its around £7

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