What a load of horsemeat!

Source: Google images (horse jokes)I can’t understand what the world is coming to when some ‘genius’ decides ‘I know! Let’s include horse meat in the supplies to the supermarkets to cut corners – they’ll never know the difference nor will the shoppers!’. That makes you wonder…was this discovery made after an inspector stumbled upon a supplier mixing horse meat mince into beef mince patties OR was it after a consumer with a razor-sharp palate bit into his microwaved frozen beef burger and realized, ‘OH MY GOD! This tastes like…like…like HORSE!!!’ Whichever the case may be there is definitely some foul horse play going on here.

What I would be more concerned about (before deciding to eat only fish and other white meat) is whether or not there are side effects of accidentally or intentionally consuming horse burgers. Personally, I’m not ready to find out for three reasons:

  • Black Beauty was one of my favourite books as a child
  • I’m a sceptic of the popular old saying, ‘Don’t bite the horse that feeds you’
  • I already have an oblong or long face so why tempt fate any further?

Anyway, here’s the full story for your reading (dis)pleasure: Horse meat scandal

Disclaimer: The Crazy Nigerian is not in support of the human consumption of horse meat and any decision to embark on this act is clearly none of his business and at the consumer’s expense.

7 thoughts on “What a load of horsemeat!

  1. Ew. I think the most disturbing part of this is the labeling issue and the fact that processors can put whatever in our food and we’d never know it. If someone wants to eat horse, fine. Eat it…but don’t sneak it into something else to cut costs.

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