There’s always a right time to do the wrong thing

do the right thingMorals…some people have them and some others don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. This is currently the situation in Lagos, Nigeria where I reside: In the daytime you find most motorists obey the traffic lights (because they don’t want to risk eventually getting dragged to psychiatric wards for tests by LASTMA and paying a hefty fine) but late at night they’re breezing through red lights like horny tourists in down town Amsterdam. The argument is that it’s not safe to wait at traffic lights at that time for fear of being attacked by hoodlums. So it’s the wrong thing to do but the right thing at that time, isn’t it?

How about if you were the president of the United States and a hijacked plane of innocent civilians was heading straight for the centre of New York City (a population of over 8 million) and you had the power to make a call to blast it out of the sky? Would making that judgement call be for the greater good or sacrificial heroism? What if you were the judge in a criminal trial where your only child was found guilty by the jury of committing an atrocious crime and the death penalty was the right thing to do, would you as the father or mother do it? Or a bride who suddenly realizes on her wedding day that she doesn’t want to get married to her fiance and decides to not to show up at the altar – better not to marry and be happy than to marry who you don’t want and be miserable.

Tough choice? Sometimes in our lives we’ll be in this situation and we’d be surprised what decisions we make.┬áBut one thing’s certain – there’s never a wrong time to do the right thing – or is there? hmm..

4 thoughts on “There’s always a right time to do the wrong thing

    • Lol. You’re right. That’s the whole idea to contradict and see things differently. The general concept is that there’s never a wrong time to do the right thing but there are times when you just do the wrong thing because you’ve got very limited options (at least that’s what I was hoping to communicate).

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