The fitted Kaftan: A lesson in Pain (pt.2)

I finally managed to take off the kaftan and decided to put up the pics to illustrate my ordeal – that’s my excuse for the delayed post and I’m sticking to it! Meanwhile, I must warn you that if the pics in my last post were too revealing or disturbing then look away now. (Contains mild nudity and is not meant for readers who’ve never seen men in the swimming pool either on TV or in real life).

 IMG_20140907_214228IMG_20140907_214231IMG_20140907_214233IMG_20140907_214237IMG_20140907_214245IMG_20140907_214303IMG_20140907_214316IMG_20140907_214332IMG_20140907_214338Why don’t fashion designers incorporate the zipper into these kaftans???


13 thoughts on “The fitted Kaftan: A lesson in Pain (pt.2)

  1. I am still chuckling at the photos 🙂
    Please tell your designer that attaching an invisible zipper in a concealed position such as the side seam would have given your kaftan some wearing ease.

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