Ten green bottles

I’m betting by now that your brain has cleverly associated this post title with the catchy yet annoying nursery rhyme in which bottles ‘accidentally fall down’ by no fault of your own and keep on falling whilst you’re frantically trying to keep up with the arithmetic *takes a deep breath* and after all that subtraction you still have no freaking clue what was inside the green bottles! Who left the bottles on the wall anyway? Were they empty? If so, who cares if they fell down? I put on my detective hat and decided to do some snooping around. My deductions were as follows:

How the green bottles got on the wall?

  • A detectiveAn alcoholic living close by left them there so his wife wouldn’t know his secret.
  • An aged sheriff was about to do target practice when suddenly…he dropped dead.
  • It was the Berlin wall – East Germany must have used the bottles to taunt West Germany, who probably weren’t enjoying such luxuries.

Why each green bottle began to fall?

  • Another detectiveA strong gust of wind kept blowing intermittently…from one end of the bottle line-up.
  • The bottles were in the direct path of an army of pissed-off soldier ants – go figure
  • West Germany started to knock them off with stones one by one to get back at East Germany

What was inside the green bottles?

They were probably empty. But what if there were important contents in them and you had to sacrifice ONE bottle to the wrath of gravity? Which bottle content would it be? I ‘boldly’ made my choice *covers eyes*

  1. Health
  2. Wealth
  3. Love
  4. Peace
  5. Success
  6. Self-fulfillment
  7. Fame
  8. Cure for Cancer
  9. End world hunger
  10. Reverse global warming effects

It’s a tough choice but compared to the other bottle contents it’s a choice I feel I could live with 🙂

Image credits: Anglologia.com, Google images

10 thoughts on “Ten green bottles

  1. Thank you. I would now sing, for you, that duck song whereby one sings ” na na na na na na na” while making squawking motions with one’s hands and then flapping motions with one’s arms, then wriggling motions with one’s waist then finally ” clap clap clap clap” and so on. Take THAT, ten green bottles! lol


  2. I’m deciding to come out of ‘retirement’ this once…It would be the West Germans/Berliners who would put the bottles on the wall to taunt the Easterners who were not enjoying those luxuries. Great post.

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