What if Facebook shuts down? Like or Unlike

Photo: nydailynews.com. Don’t panic! It’s not happening tomorrow but it’s supposed to  happen sooner than you think – March 15, 2011. Why? Ask Mark Zuckerberg. Apparently the CEO woke up one morning and decided he wanted his old life back – Good for him…Bad for all the status-updating, link-posting, photo-loving, note-writing, ‘socialites’ out there. There’s only 250 million Facebook users! We’ve now got less than 2 months to take down all the photos and notes we treasure so much before we lose them online forever. Is yanking out a $7.9 billion business really a good move?

From a business perspective it’s absolutely ridiculous but from a social perspective this is the best thing that could have ever happened to humanity. People could actually put all those Facebook hours to alternative use; Get a second job, start a hobby, clean out the fish tank, do your laundry…you get my drift. More importantly maybe the end of Facebook will force people into meeting their friends in person and not in some online event waiting in your Facebook calendar.

Facebook certainly has had a big impact on the lives of many. I wonder which other social network will take up Facebook’s no.1 spot. The tussle would probably be between Twitter and MySpace. I suspect Google might dabble in this area and come up with something like Googoo Pals. I doubt however that there will ever be a social network bigger than Facebook. Perhaps after a few years of settling down, raising a family, and watching the last of his kids move out of his house Zuckerberg may just get bored and think, ‘I know what I’ll do! relaunch Facebook…only this time I’ll call it Facebook 2.0!’

Your fans will be waiting Mr. Zuckerberg 🙂

Sources: Freakylinks.tv