Announcement: Winners of The Crazy Nigerian e-book!

You thought I would forget? You thought I wouldn’t keep my word? Not the Crazy Nigerian (Dictum Meum Pactum). Some months ago I asked for your help with my book title. I also said that participants would get a free copy of my e-book for their reading enjoyment. Here is the shortlist of the lucky winners: 

J. Todd Hubbard
Gbenga Awomodu

Congratulations and look out for the e-book which will be sent shortly to the email addresses intially provided during the participation stage. Don’t forget to drop a review on Amazonbooks, Kobobooks or Authorhouse bookstore.

Thank you so much for being a part of my dream…well, one of my dreams 🙂


Jollof aka tHe CraZy NiGeRiAn

Entry #26 – Man U, 0-2, boo hoo!

I’m not a biased sports commentator nor am I a Barcelona fanatic on a trouble-finding mission, but I must say that I was quite busy sending commiseration text messages (I wasn’t rubbing it in, honest). I just wanted them to know that they had a shoulder to cry on. But its a harsh reality that in every competition, in every battle, there’s a winner and a loser. There’s just no two ways about it. What amuses me is the way some of the football players ‘cross their hearts’ before the match – Is that to say that they were praying that their side wins? What about if the opponents crossed their hearts too? Shouldn’t they have a fair chance of winning too? As a matter of fact, what does crossing the heart really symbolize anyway? Protection from demons? (Yeah, the opponents). Or could it be protection from a loss to their opponents. Either way I don’t think God intervenes, though I’m pretty sure He knew the result way before Eve offered Adam that dodgy apple.

There’s always a winner and a loser. Even when there’s a tie in a match, it always has to end in a sudden death situation and then the dreaded penalty shoot out. Why bother? Because two teams cant share one trophy, thats why. Two rival fan clubs cant walk hand-in-hand singing a combined ManU-Barcelona footie anthem. Its like the sci-fi movie Highlander – there can only be one.

So the next time you’re thinking , ‘Winner vs Loser’ think Obama vs McCain, Kanye West vs 50cent, Osama Bin Laden vs George W. Bush, Sober judge vs O.J Simpson, ‘Traumatized’ teenager vs Michael Jackson, Angelina Jolie vs Jennifer Aniston, Federline vs Britney Spears, The People vs Larry Flint, Ned Flanders vs Homer Simpson, Agent Smith(s) vs NEO aka The One, Nigerian, Interrupted vs … 🙂