Top 10 things I wish I never bought


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They say money can’t buy you love (they’re probably right) but it sure can buy a whole lot of crap you think you really need but you really don’t. I learnt this lesson the hard way and hopefully you’ll learn … Continue reading

Top Ten Things You Don’t Want to know EVER!

They say ‘curiosity killed the cat’…well, they’re probably mistaken because a little blue bird (not Twitter) told me a cat has nine lives. But anyway, as much as we all love to browse the Net for information, I’m certain there’s some info you don’t want to know.

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Here’s my countdown (and do let me know if I hit the mark or if you’re comfortable with none, some of all of them:

10. When the world will come to an end

09. Whether there will be World War III 

08. How hygienic the kitchen and the person cooking your dinner in a restaurant is

07. Whether your grandparents or parents still ‘do it’

06. The number of buttocks that sit on your local public toilet seats

05. All the wrong decisions you unknowingly made in the past.

04. Whether you’ve already missed meeting Mr or Mrs Right

03. What people actually say behind your back

02.  Whether you will ever become a millionaire or so rich you don’t have to work

01. The day you are going to die

Afterthought: If I inserted a link which said ‘Once you click here you will be taken to a site that accurately predicts the precise date and time you are going to die’ would you click on it? (spooky)  🙂