Discovering Sicily: Why You Need to Visit This Unique Island


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*Guest post by H. Johnson* A trip to the ancient Italian island of Sicily is an exhilarating experience for any traveler that enjoys the authentic flavor of the Mediterranean. The island has something to offer for everyone, whether it be … Continue reading

So this is Christmas…about freakin’ time!


xmas celebrationI can’t tell you how glad I am that the holidays are back in full swing…and my blog is covered in full snow. I’ve been closing pretty late from work because the traffic going home has been unbearable for the last couple of days (and to that I say a sarcastic thank you to all those last-minute village-bound travelers and last-minute shoppers). I need a well-deserved break but I will drop a post very soon. Got to take care of me for a while. Hope for your sake it’ll be worth the wait šŸ™‚

MERRY CHRISTMAS MY DEAR FANS! I’M CRAZY ABOUT EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU! *Insert heart-wrenching Christmas carol here*

Nigerian Trends in 2010

January 2010:

  • More people are looking to invest in property and real estate
  • Toyota and Honda are still the most common cars in the country
  • Sales of domestic generators are still on the up
  • Marriages between age groups of 24-28yrs are increasingly popular
  • Pure water (50cl water sold in a transparentĀ bag) has in excess of 20 brands
  • Wedding planning is also big business
  • The MTNFastlink is one of the most used Internet connections (I’m using it now :D)
  • More Nigerians go to Dubai for holiday/shopping than they do to London
  • Growing numbersĀ visit Ghana for short breaks (40mins away by plane)
  • Slim neckties are in fashion and are here to stay
  • Women’s handbags seem to have stopped getting bigger…just more flashy
  • Blackberrys are in demand and the lingo ‘What’s your BB pin?’ is catching on fast
  • There has been a surge in registrations with the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria (CIPM)
  • The Banking industry is no longer as attractive as it used to be for job seekers
  • The staggering Chelsea, ManU and Arsenal fanbase here is anĀ untapped market
  • Ralph Lauren Polo shirtsĀ (with number on sleeve and horse)Ā areĀ also very popular
  • People have been receiving text messages stating that the NSE (our stock market) is picking up.