Entry #75 – Fuel my hunger

I barely slept last night. Why? Because my subconscious was worrying about the low fuel level in my car tank. I could see the fuel gauge (in my dreams) hovering above the ‘E’ until my journey came to an unexpected halt in the middle of Third Mainland Bridge at 8pm when 3 ‘Samaritans’ offered to assist me then brought out guns, robbed me and threatened to make me swim with the fishes…I think that’s the point when I woke up at 4.27am (Note to self – Don’t eat sugary cereal just before bedtime…ever!)

Just 2 days ago a 7-day nationwide strike was announced by the ‘association of corrupt fuel tanker drivers’ in the country which meant such tankers would not deliver fuel to Petrol/Diesel filling stations, which in turn would not sell fuel (or would sell at an inflated price if you were desperate enough). Today the strike was abruptly called off and I was relieved since I had sped past 30-something queuing cars at 5.15am around a filling station on my way to work. My fuel tank just made it to the office without putting me through an embarrassing ordeal of ‘pushing an automatic transmission car’ (yeah, think about it). 

My fuel gauge is now resting firmly on the ‘F’ and my air-conditioning is back on full blast!Needless to say that whilst I had fed my car I was tempted to feed my belly too as I drove past the best surprise that is now 2mins from my street – KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN (KFC)!!!!. The ‘Colonel’ arrived in Nigeria earlier this year and opened 2 outlets – one in Ikoyi and the other in Victoria Island. Now I’ve got one within walking distance from me in Ikeja! I think its time to grab a bucket. MMMmmmmMMM!  😀