The first cut isn’t the deepest

This post isn’t about my ‘repeated’ ordeal with emotional hurt nor is it an attack on Rod Stewart’s lyrics. The fact is that yesterday whilst I was hurriedly racing from the dining area to the kitchen for my breakfast I (stupidly) whacked my upper lip against a wall edge. Unfortunately I got more than just a swollen lip and blood all over my hands – I got stitches (Warning: readers may find some of these pictures disturbing).

………………My top right canine pierced through my lip and created a hole the size of a shriveled pea (for those who love gory details). Anyway, with a looming scar on my hands lip, I have considered villain roles in Nollywood movies. I have also learnt literally that a stitch in time saves nine (that hole in my lip would have certainly gotten bigger if I kept talking). No kissing for the next few weeks – doctor’s orders (or was that dad’s orders? hmm). It hurts when I laugh and this injury is probably what a boxer considers just another day at the office. I can’t wait to have my stitches taken out in a few days (sigh). Counting the days till when people stop looking at my mouth region in a dodgy manner, lol…OOOW!