Sssh! I had another dainty affair…

Perhaps you’ve heard the saying, ‘Once bitten, twice shy’. No? Well it doesn’t really matter because I wasn’t shy after my last affair with Coco. I still reminisce about those chocolate kisses…but alas I digress. On one sunny afternoon in the suburbs of GRA Ikeja, I practically went out of my way looking for another indulgent experience with Coco; this time I was going with my girlfriend – yes ladies and gentlemen, I was going for a threesome! *cue dramatic music*. By the time I arrived and entered the private room where Coco was waiting, I soon discovered that this was no private affair…as a matter of fact I had walked into Dainty affairs’ one-day exhibition, ‘Beauty Meets Sugar Art’

This colourful event was one of its kind; with one half of the exhibition room showcasing a variety of beauty products and the other garnished with a creative display of eye-popping 3-D cake designs. As a typical man I knew which half of the room I was heading for (show me the money sugar!). There were magnificent cake sculptures in all shapes and sizes, conventional cakes (including Sponge, Carrot and my beloved Coco), and an assortment of delectable cream-topped cupcakes ranging from coconut to red velvet – I’m having sugar-shakes just writing about them *wipes off drool on keyboard* Here’s a box of cupcakes I purchased earlier:


Whilst munching away on Dainty’s free cake samples in one corner of the room (I’m no cheapskate since I made a purchase!), I looked past the mingling guests and observed the beauty parlour; complete with a stylish sofa and photographer. Professional models’ faces were being dolled up Hollywood style. The models captivated onlookers with seasonal wear – some in traditional attire and bridal wear. The precision make-up application captured the attention and interest of most women in the room, whilst the paparazzi captured special kodak moments. Some of Dainty Affairs’ make-up artists were on cue to attend to curious cosmetic lovers in their droves. The endless cinematic slideshow of beautifully made-up women was an added touch of elegance. After my last cake bite, my eyes (and tummy) were satisfied.

Among the many busy hands present at the exhibition there was one whom I was particular keen to shake (well, I got a warm hug actually). Turns out that the CEO of Dainty Affairs is a very close friend of my girlfriend (pretty small world, eh?). I admired her dexterity around the room, coordination of different activities and also her family’s moral support (she’s got adorable kids by the way). You only needed one glance at the event to confirm that she was all about quality, dazzle andΒ finesse.

It’s ventures like Dainty Affairs that help reassure critics like me that home-grown talent can indeed yield results of an international standard. No prizes for guessing where my wedding cake will be ordered from πŸ˜›Β 

Sit back and enjoy the rest of the sights of the amazing Dainty Affair exhibition…

166 167 168 169 170 171 172 173 174 175 176 177 178 179 180

… visit Dainty Affairs’ website and feast your eyes today πŸ˜‰

14 thoughts on “Sssh! I had another dainty affair…

  1. This affair is truly sinful…. (will your waistline be asking forgiveness?).
    There are some stunning looking cakes in you photos…

    NO surprise would want a special cake from Dainty Affairs. (were you giving us a hint of near future news mayhap???… a curious reader wants to know LOL)

  2. You like to chop sugar sha….. hope say you no run belle πŸ˜€ …. really nice looking confecs… Now its making me want to place an order despite my newly embarked upon weight-loss program

  3. This is no hint o!
    Congrats in the journey into “marriage hood” πŸ˜› sha let us know so we’ll start saving for aso-ebi hehehe
    In other news, me i want to have an affair too o! Scrumptious, drool inducing cakes!!

  4. I particularly love the one with the red flowers adorning it. I think you and your friend are standing next to it in another photo,too. Wedding cake? Are you getting married any time soon, Mr Tonwa? πŸ˜‰

  5. Oh wow! The cakes do look soooo beautiful, soooo dainty and soooooo professional. Hmmmn, seems food network chaNnel on DSTV should be heading to Nigeria to film a reality series on dainty affairs.
    Well done dainty affairs team and well done Jollof for showcasing this.


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