Smell you later!

smell you laterHygiene – a big deal to some, a complete stranger to many. I might be seen as a bit of a fusspot atimes but I can’t stand a bad smell. Just yesterday afternoon at my office one of the food delivery guys came by to drop an order for a coworker and he brought something else with him – the whole after-stink of my gym club on a busy Saturday! The smell didn’t hit me from where I was sitting until I got within 3 feet from him on my way to the water dispenser…I had to turn back. It was as if I walked into a force-field but I didn’t have the IQ of Dr. Spock to determine how to penetrate it without inflicting permanent damage to my nasal membrane.

What baffled me further by the time I got to my seat was that the coworker ate his lunch right next to the delivery guy (probably waiting for payment) without even flinching. Could it be that he was suffering from a bad cold or was he…I can’t even believe I’m about to say this…used to the smell (uuurgh! there, I said it). Even after the delivery guy left, his B.O lingered around the office a bit before skipping back to its master. I had to do something if no one else saw it fit to do so.

This weekend I’m going to get him something to take care of the stink and tell him plainly its just so that he stays fresh all day long. Geez…I can just imagine the ordeal that staff in the elevators must have been having whenever he stepped in. I’m an advocate for taking showers in the morning and night, using antiperspirants or roll-ons, splashing mild cologne and wearing clean clothes void of yesterday’s sweat-stink. Not everyone would tell you that you’ve got bad B.O and sooner or later they could start to avoid you or desist from making close ties with you e.g. invites to shindigs, recommendations for just about anything, etc.

The only stank I CAN stand is the stanky leg. Now watch me whip, watch me nae-nae!

stanky leg

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  1. “…his B.O lingered around the office a bit before skipping back to its master” Ah! I am clutching my sides from laughing too hard.

    Tonwa, I cannot stand stank either.

    Interesting post 🙂

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