Six Enemies & Five Bullets

I took off the blindfolds and stared down the terror-stricken eyes of my ill-fated hostages; all six of them. After years of meticulous planning, painstaking surveillance and internet hacking I was able to lure this miserable bunch into a single location and finally prepare to carry out the judgement they all rightfully deserved.

As I became increasingly irritated by the muffled sounds of my gagged victims, I pulled out my .38 calibre revolver and let my aim wander around the Circle of Doom. I opened the gun chamber and pulled out one of the six bullets – this was deliberate as I only planned to execute 5 of my victims. I cocked the gun slowly and glanced over to my first hostage.

Hostage #1: She was the gold-digger who poisoned my brother in order to cash in on his life insurance.

Hostage #2: He was the sick bastard who kidnapped and molested my 10 year-old daughter whom hasn’t said a word in 4 months. 

Hostage #3: He was the selfish landlord who cut off the heating in my old parents place last winter and left them to freeze to death just because the rent was a little overdue.

Hostage #4: She was the raving lunatic who sent our sex videos over the internet to the Accounting Institute. My licence was revoked and she rendered me jobless.

Hostage #5: He was the good-for-nothing car thief who took a baseball bat to my  temple and inflicted permanent damage to my left eye.  

Hostage #6: He was the incompetent and insensitive bank clerk who refused to let me cash the ransome money…MY OWN MONEY…which I desperately needed to rescue my daughter (all because I didn’t have any ID on me, thanks to the car thief).

My heart was down. Their time was up. I closed my eyes and uttered a short prayer – asking for forgiveness for what I was about to do. And then, I shot Hostage #3, then Hostage #1, then Hostage #5, then Hostage #4 and then…I paused between Hostage #2 and Hostage #6.

They were crying and pissing their pants as they had just witnessed the sheer brutality of a trigger-happy killer. I spared no remorse as I let my gun go off on Hostage #6. My gun chamber was now empty and I had 5 corpses with bullet holes in their heads. I told Hostage #2 that I wasn’t going to shoot him. I took out the cloth in his mouth and he immediately blurted out a million thank you’s for sparing his life. He continued crying and awaiting his fate while I turned away from him and proceeded to get my blow torch…

N.B – No one was killed in the making of this fictional story and the copyright law must be respected.

14 thoughts on “Six Enemies & Five Bullets

  1. Thank goodness this was fiction!

    I’m not a fan of unnecessary violence, but given the actions of these “people”, I wondered why any would be spared. I have to admit that I laughed at the ending. Blow torch…I love it!

  2. I wrote a comment but it didn’t get saved.

    I would have taken the last bullet; shot #2 in the leg so he might believe that he is just being punished; and whilst he’s hobbling to the door I would take the blow torch and fry up his man-parts so he could never molest another child again !!

    • Ouch! Remind me never to piss YOU off! #2 deserves the slowest and most excruciating torture possible which would eventually leave him in unable to molest any living thing again. Hmm, maybe I should do a sequel…

    • lol, yeah it does. I’ve been watching a programme on Discovery Channel (I think) called 1000 ways to die – you would be amazed. E.g. Guy celebrates new year with a ton of friends, gets drunk, wears women’s stiletoes (his fetish) and then goes back to his water bed with two frisky girls for the night of his life. He wakes up handcuffed (and legcuffed) and there’s no-one to help him. He starts to struggle and manages to pierce the waterbed with the stiletoes. The waterbed is encased in a box frame so the water soon overflows, covering the guy and his air supply…he drowns.

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