Scenario Sunday: The Shortlist

Source:‘Becky had every reason to be the happiest woman in the world. And why wouldn’t she be? She had the perfect husband. He was caring, affectionate and sensitive to her needs and wants. He was always there when she needed him and there was a mutual trust between them. He trusted her so much that he gave her access to all his bank accounts and even gave her some of his debit cards and credit cards, complete with PIN so that she could make purchases whenever she needed to. On one occasion when she called him on the phone at work and broke down in tears because her boss threatened to fire her for a mistake on the job, he listened to her, empathized with her and gave her words of encouragement. He later showed up right outside her office after work, which he never did before, and whisked her away on a romantic candle-lit dinner at a Mediterranean restaurant. On top of that all her friends liked him. Her family and relatives loved him. She could safely say that if she had any problems or concerns in life her husband sure wasn’t one of them.

One Saturday morning Becky’s husband woke up early, kissed her and set out for his usual morning run in the nearby park. He would leave his mobile phone by his bedside so he didn’t have to run with the extra weight or get distracted by calls or notifications. Becky would normally sleep so deeply that by the time she awoke her loving husband was already back and taking a shower. This time around she woke up as he closed the door behind him so in a fit of boredom she started to play with her husband’s phone.

Unlocking his phone was easy because he used the same PIN as he did with his debit and credit cards. She went through his phone call log and messages and didn’t come across anything unusual. She went further to spy on his social media platforms and observed little activity or anything to suggest he had a double life. At this point she was feeling a bit guilty for invading her husband’s privacy. But before she would let the guilt overpower her she navigated her way to his memo notes where he saved business ideas, to-do’s and alpha-numeric passwords. But there was one ‘Untitled’ note that caught Becky’s eye close to the bottom of the list and she nearly didn’t open it till her curiosity got the better of her. By the time she opened it she would wish she hadn’t.

It was a list of girls names – girls she knew only too well and were now married. At the bottom of the list was her name. She was the sixth.

What do you think Becky should do next in this situation?

If you found out after marriage that your partner settled for you could you live with that?

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  1. Becky should simply do nothing but continue enjoying her marriage and her sweet husband. That list really doesn’t say much. Speculation kills relationships.

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