Fuel my suffering

gen genThe last few weeks have been nothing short of a sick and unwarranted test of my patience and temperament. Fuel scarcity in Lagos is still looming and forcing motorists to resort to either:-

  • Sleeping overnight in their cars queuing at filling stations while fending off mosquitoes that manage to get in between the narrow window gap.
  • Buying at black market prices from unreliable sources outside filling stations with the bonus risk of stalling their precious engine.
  • Spoiling themselves with daily ‘sauna treatments’ in the discomfort of their cars since they refuse to use air conditioning which is a fuel guzzler.

80 per cent of my recent interactions have included the question, ‘Do you have fuel?’ at some stage in the conversation. Soon I raise up my right hand and prepare to point the finger of blame to the government but then I pause and think to myself, ‘What good is that going to do?’ Instead what are the opportunities that I could exploit in these trying times and what solutions can I adopt to solve my own problems?

  • Invest in a diesel generator – you hardly hear about diesel scarcities
  • Buy inverters to provide power supply if the power company is generous in your area.
  • Drive shorter distances as much as possible
  • Get details of a local filling station attendant or two so you can follow up with calls to know if they are selling – saves you hours of queuing time.

For now I’ll just pick up my yellow 25 litre jerrican and get in line (moan)

7 thoughts on “Fuel my suffering

  1. How could you have a fuel shortage when the rest of the world is experiencing a glut, with the cheapest gas prices in 8-10 years!? Somebody over there needs their butt kicked, brother. I’m just sayin’.

    • it sucks ass, lol. It makes you plan your whole movement around the availability so you find yourself not going to places you otherwise would have planned to visit. Lucky you’re not here right now but it’ll get better soon, said the Crazy Optimist.

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