Most Active Commenter Award

Yeah! It’s the return of the MAC (Most Active Commenter) Award. Actually, it’s the first time I’m announcing this award; I just thought it would be a nice play on words with my old-time favourite track Return of the Mack (Insert smh here). Sadly the closest thing I could find on Google was the Faithful Commenter Award. Anyway, today I’ll be honouring those blog followers/visitors who’ve been faithful in leaving more than just a piece of their mind on The Crazy Nigerian 😛

2nd Runner up (with 24 comments): Timiebix – She’s just had a blast at a recent Nigerian party (no Boko Haram) and also included some quirky pics to boot if you’re curious enough to visit her blog aptly titled ‘Quirkytims’ (You can follow the link in her username to read her latest post). Congratulobia!

1st Runner up (with 27 comments): Pinkauto – She’s been skinny dipping of recent and is all packed and ready to migrate Uganda just in time for some good ol’ Kampala madness. She blogs about ‘Life at its best’ and bares all (no late pun intended, lol). Check out her blog by clicking on the link in this paragraph. Congratulations!!

And the Winner is (with a whopping 40 comments): Strawberryquicksand – My o my! Of all the days I decided to stumble upon her blog I had to choose the day she decided to go on a daring backpacker’s trip and catapulted herself into the nude wall of fame (no joke! I bet you’re already looking for the link to her blog, lol). She’s actually one of my recent commenters but definitely the most consistent. I’m honoured that my crazy articles keep you coming back 🙂 Congratz!!!

Now, the fact is that aside the number of comments, all of these nominees are winners of the award. I would appreciate if you (the nominees) accept this small token of my appreciation at the top left corner of this post and perhaps plant it somewhere on your blog with pride. Thank you (nominees and every other commenter) for your comments, visits, likes, criticisms, opinions, suggestions, laughs, exclamations, links, reblogs, subscriptions etc. It’s all just the icing on the blog for me!

3 thoughts on “Most Active Commenter Award

  1. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m a winner!!! *insert embarrassing dance move*
    *clears throat * I’d like to thank my mother and my father for giving birth to me, I’d like to thank booboo for believing in me *stops to wipe lone tear on cheek*
    This is the best thing that …*breaks down completely in tears*
    Hehehe thanks for posting interesting things that makes us all come back everytime 🙂
    Peace out!! *drops Mic*

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