Love thy (noisy) neighbor – Part II


Ever since my last annoying neighbor moved out of my hood I’ve had my sanity restored. Unfortunately my sane state was short-lived 3 weeks later when the Addams family moved in. The head of the house, a big bouncer-like bloke you wouldn’t want to mess around with, has two cars. In fact, he is the only one in the compound who has two cars – one Toyota and one Honda. I have no problem with that. My bone of contention is the fact that whenever I park behind the Toyota (solely because I have no other place to park when I come back from work) my neighbor suddenly decides he wants to go out in the Toyota. Likewise when I decide to be proactive and park behind the Honda which he rarely uses he suddenly decides he wants to go out in the Honda.

Now I’ve done background research on this lunatic just to confirm whether or not he’s related in some way to the shouting neighbor who moved out. Why? Because he shouts too! On one occasion I came back late from work at about 11pm due to some unexplainable traffic. I wasn’t alone if you know what I mean. We got home tired but not too tired to do some ‘late night aerobics’ before going to bed. The RnB music was playing low, the gin in my system was making me a little woozy and I was about 10 seconds away from the ‘promise land’ and so was she…but that was until my good ol’ neighbor from hell decided to yell my name and bang at my mini gate repeatedly – talk about killing the moment. It was 12 midnight and I knew he probably wanted to move whichever car I was blocking this time. Well guess what! I took a stand – I switched off my mobile phone and increased my music to drown the shouting and banging. I wasn’t going to move my car…not this time.

After 15 minutes he finally gave up and went back to his flat. Victory at last. Peace sustained. Sanity restored. Mojo…lost 🙁

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9 thoughts on “Love thy (noisy) neighbor – Part II

  1. Sounds like you did a little movin’-n- a-shakin’..without a “ring-a-ding-ding” interruptus..

    Love your writing! Thanks for the read.

    spread the

    • SHEBOX! Boy, am I glad to see you! Thought you had left blogville for good. Welcome back Prodigal blogger 🙂 Hope the family is in good health. Expecting some articles pronto!

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