(Insert name) – A lil’ proof = x

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Ok, for today’s post I’ve decided to put up an algebraic equation or a conundrum of a crazy sort. What is ‘x’? E.g. 4 – 3 = x, therefore x = 1 (Get my drift?). There’s a prize for the winner with the correct answer so think carefully before you attempt this. I wonder if you need any clues…hmmm.

Being the gentleman that I am I’ll offer you just three:

  • The answer is not a number
  • It has 9 letters
  • You are only part of the answer

N.B – The correct answer will be posted before midnight.

Good luck!

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8 thoughts on “(Insert name) – A lil’ proof = x

  1. No but nice try KiwiD. Study the equation carefully and you’ll get your Eureka moment 😀

    Hint: Rearrange the letters in the second half of the equation

  2. oh no! i totally missed my chance to make anattempt at trying to solve this! I’m fairly sure I would’ve put in serious time trying to come up with the answer only to look like, well, a fool. Ok, I’m ready for whatever you’ve next….. 😉

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