Out of my hiatus and into the hot seat

Hello everyone!
I’ve been asked quite a number of awkward questions in recent times and thought it would be fun to share them along with my responses:
**Why are you still single?**
a) My perspective – Short of saying, ‘Why are you so bothered?’ I usually tell the person who asks that I’m not in a relationship (which leads them to wonder why I can’t choose out of the all the available women walking the face of the earth) but if I say that I am in a relationship they ask the follow-up question, ‘So what are you waiting for?’ Bottom line is no matter the answer you give to the W-A-Y-S-S question you will be perceived as the reason for your own…singularity.
b) Men’s perspective on women –  Men I’ve interacted with have said they feel some women are still single because;
– They are too picky
– They have a track record of not listening to the men they date
– They do not conform to ‘housewife’ material i.e. she cooks and cleans
– They don’t know what kind of man they want
c) Women’s perspective on men – Women I’ve spoken to interestingly shared their own reasons why they think some men are still single;
– They are looking for the perfect woman
– They want a woman who is not too ambitious
– They want a woman who will not challenge their opinions
– They want a woman who works and is ready to share in financial responsibilities
Are these right, wrong or baseless assumptions? Lets not worry about that but focus on the ideal mindset a single man and a single woman should have. A man should know his purpose in life. If he does not know where he is heading in life or what his plan in the next 5-10 years are or his dream(s) then he has no business going into a serious relationship. Single men could then search for a woman whose vision aligns with his own. Single women equally need to look out for men with purpose. Both single men and women should not go into relationships with high expectations. Instead they should focus on being the best they can be and ask themselves, ‘What am I bringing into this relationship?’
Being single isn’t a bad thing. It just means you have time to discover yourself and what you need to look out for in your partner. So the next time someone asks you why you are still single tell him/her simply in four words – because you’re not married 😀

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