Hellofood, ByebyeCooking

When you have a work schedule as busy as mine you barely have the time to leave your office premises and grab a bite to eat. In my case I usually have to wait for an opportune moment to send one of the idle available office cleaners to get some food then hope (and pray vehemently) that he/she gets the right order, comes back in less than an hour and does not keep brings back my correct change. Of course another school of thought would argue,’You might as well bring food from home’ but I’m up and about between 5am and 12.30am the following day from Monday to Friday so my question to them is, ‘Will you do the cooking???’ I thought so.

Today was one of those days where I wasn’t able to get an errand boy so I decided to give Hellofood Nigeria a try. Why? The buzz on social media is that you could order online just about any meal from the comfort of your home or office and have it delivered too.’Any meal, huh?’ I went for something I knew I would naturally struggle to find any eatery or restaurant to deliver – Ofada rice (a Nigerian delicacy you usually have to venture outside to find). I logged on to the website and was impressed by the variety of restaurants and eateries complete with prices and delivery prices (so that I didn’t have to do the math). My eyes feasted before the order arrived because all the dishes displayed, some with combo deals (specially for those ‘hard-knock’ days before payday). It probably took me a total of under 3mins to place the order once I finally decided between the beef and goat meat option. I rubbed my hands with glee as I order was certified ‘confirmed’! My delivery was estimated to be within an hour so by the time I noticed a delivery man standing next to me with my lunch I knew that the errand running days of the cleaners in my office were numbered.

And if you’re not much of a reader then here’s the short version of what they do:


GoodbyeCooking, Hellofood Nigeria 🙂

4 thoughts on “Hellofood, ByebyeCooking

    • Aaaaaah! It was very tasty, spicy, hot, moreish…had to eat slowly to make the food last, lol. I’m glad I didn’t have to leave Marina to go to Ikoyi to go get it.

  1. Oh for the love of nostalgia! This post is evidence that I’m still as Nigerian as I thought I would be. Images of my mom working in the office, the office cleaners, “give me the correct change,” came back to life as I read this. God bless you…and you have to tell us how you the food was! 🙂

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