Hello Justice! I’ve been expecting you (pt.2)

justice2Enough was enough and it was high time I did something about it. I equipped myself for the imminent battle – adrenaline (check), sarcasm (check) and of course the facts (check). I knocked on her door and she asked who was there. After mentioning my name she let me in. She sat me down and offered me some Edikaikong to which I couldn’t resist. After 2 mouthfuls I literally forgot why I went to my neighbour’s place and…you can just erase this entire paragraph from your memory because it never happened! #DespicableMe

(Apologies) Here’s what¬†really happened. I was with an artisan who was helping to install a generator cage at the back of my apartment. The housing agent ¬†stopped by and admired the neat piping work the same artisan had done to prevent overflowing water from my water tank spilling unto the generator cage. I seized this opportunity to inform him about the split unit air conditioner which my neighbour downstairs had installed in front of my entrance. The agent expressed his concern for my safety as that entrance was my only way out in case of an emergency. I also pointed out the medium-sized generator right next to the split unit which had a cable crossing my pathway and caused me to trip on two occasions. The agent promised that he would have a word with her. Unfortunately he didn’t know what he was in for.

I got a knock on my door shortly after and to my surprise it was the agent. He explained that he had a word with the lady…then he corrected himself and said ‘woman’ because she did not behave like a lady (lol). Apparently she was very rude to him when he told her what his concerns were about the way she had placed her appliances. I smirked and told him this was why I never bothered facing off with her – she can be desperately unreasonable. He stated that the next step of action would be for him to write officially to her asking her to re position her appliances (I can’t wait).

Needless to say…but I must say, I pray never to live near or next to neighbours of her ethnic tribe – they’re the only ones I’ve had persistent issues with even after pouring out my grievances. Every other tribe in my compound is ready to live harmoniously and even look out for each other. By now justice has probably been served and my bad neighbour is in church today casting out ‘demons’ causing trouble in her life. Like Spike Lee famously titled one of his critically acclaimed films, ‘Do the right thing!’


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