Happy birthday B.W!!!

Today is my sister’s birthday and I thought I’d dedicate this post to her (not that she’d bother to even read it). My first memories of her were conjured up even before she was born. I was praying hard for a baby brother since I had already been blessed with a little sister. God must have been laughing at me after B.W was delivered on October 7. All attempts to transform B.W into my very own sidekick (like Batman and Robin) were futile; thanks to my mum who ensured B.W didn’t turn out to be a tom-boy. She was introduced to the colour Pink. She had toy cooking sets and dolls. She even wore matching dresses with my other sister; which usually left me looking like the third wheel whenever we arrived at kiddies parties. B.W however was very fond of me and didn’t seem to mind that I always picked on her food as a baby (because she was such a joy to distract – I would go, ‘Look! Daddy’s back!’ and when she turned around another piece of sausage would mysteriously disappear from her plate – What can I say? She loved magic tricks). I can’t believe how time flies! She’s a grown woman now and somehow I still and perhaps will always see her as my baby sister.

Happy birthday B.W!

Lots of love,

Your Big Bro 😀  

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