Turning over a new L.E.A.F

Dear readers and bloggers, everyday the web gives birth to ‘bouncing’ blogs all over the world. If you listen carefully the next time you’re online, you’ll hear the patter of tiny posts and blog subscriptions (unfortunately there is also the occasional stillborn ‘stillblog’ characterized by inactivity in terms of posts and readership). The blog boom however doesn’t seem to be slowing down just yet.

 I’m not saying that some blogs need diapers (though, there are probably some blogs out there that post a lot of crap).

The question you’re probably asking yourself now is ‘how many blogs are there are in the world?’ According to an infographic on Blog And Retire University, as at 2011 there were approximately 555 million websites; over 164 million blogs make up the total:

Internet usage, web, and blog statistics (infographic)

Image credit: Blogandretire.com 

The fate of these blogs vary. Some of the blogs are orphans, where the parent no longer wants to do updates and simply abandons them. Other blogs lack proper parenting and end up posting at will without due consideration for the blogosphere. I’m not saying that some blogs need diapers (though, there are probably some blogs out there that post a lot of crap) but there is a common disconnect for new blogs that try to quickly adapt. With few or zero followers and low number of visitors, early childhood bloghood could be miserable. WordPress however has taught me some good etiquette that could help new blogs, existing blogs and even those not yet born. I decided to coin an acronym for this purpose – L.E.A.F:

Like | Exchange | Appreciate | Follow

  • Like posts of other bloggers to let them know you enjoyed what they wrote
  • Exchange comments and links to posts you recommend or want to share
  • Appreciate other blogs; click on random blogs and discover hidden gems
  • Follow blogs you enjoy so that notifications of new posts are sent by email

Here’s a challenge for newbie bloggers – If you aren’t adopting some or any of these good habits then try adopting all of them this week – you will be amazed at the positive difference it makes to your blog. Remember, it’s never too late for your blog to turn over a new leaf 😉

11 thoughts on “Turning over a new L.E.A.F

  1. Had to laugh at the diapers/blog crap bit 🙂 I can’t believe how many blogs are out there – I had no idea!

    Great acronym – LEAF! I don’t do too much checking new blogs lately because I don’t even keep up very will with the ones I know and miss. I do follow up on comments made on my blog, but it often takes a few days.

    • Thanks JannaT! It’s not easy keeping up with so many blogs you follow and sometimes you can’t help but respond to comments over a few days. Glad you like the acronym too 🙂

  2. Lemmie see if your idea z gonna work magic…………….even though i found your blog through Google….nice post thou-even though my blog my just be on diapers( ˘˘̯)…….and presently following you

    • Thanks, Peter. As long as you aim to become the authority on diapers you’ll attract your target audience in good time.

      I’ve made some more discoveries which have helped move my average daily page views from 50 to a steady 100 in 2 weeks.I’ll publish those tips latest next week!

      Try the tips and let me know how it works out for you. Cheers!

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