Entry #84 – How to receive music on your Blackberry

I struggled with this for close to a month. I could easily send music from my BB Bold 9650 to any other bluetooth-enabled phone but my phone was subject to ridicule whenever I requested for a catchy mp3 tune. Well, that has come to an end as I rollout the steps for BB users to follow when receiving music through bluetooth:


1. Go to your menu and select ‘Options’.

2. Select ‘Bluetooth’ (a blank space should appear).

3. Press your Menu/BB button and then select ‘Add Device’.

4. Click on ‘Search’ to find the phone you want to receive music from

5. Select the phone you want to add to complete pairing.


Receiving music:

1. Go to ‘Media’ where all your music, pictures and videos are stored.

2. Select and then press your Menu/BB button for options

3. Select ‘Receive Using Bluetooth’

4. Let the other phone user begin to send the song/file via bluetooth

5. You should see the request on your BB and the transfer will begin.

N.B – If you can’t even send music to other bluetooth-enabled phones then you need to do the pairing steps first.


In the words of Drake, ‘Thank me later’ 😀

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