Entry #51 – Plan C

In ‘Operation Daybreak’ (the 1975 World War II film based on the true story of the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich in Prague) the 2 spies behind the assassination were in for a nasty surprise when their plans went terribly wrong. The first attempt to shoot their target on a moving train was a bit of a stretch but then came Plan B but would you believe that even with one of the spies standing a few feet from his target pointing, eye to eye,  with a fully loaded semi-automatic the unexpected happened…

I believe that no matter what you plan to do there is a probability that due to life’s unforeseen circumstances your plan wont always work exactly as you expected – that’s not a pessimistic perspective I’m just being realistic. Look at Weddings, for example. I hear such things as ‘the perfect wedding’ and here I’m not referring to the ‘wedding you dream to have’…I’m talking about ‘making sure every single thing goes according to plan. You could wake up late on the wedding day (perhaps your slept through your alarm), or you could be down with a cold or an upset stomach (especially if you had the dodgy curry last night), the car you’re supposed to take doesn’t start, or it rains cats and dogs, or you stain your rented tuxedo, or the bride and the bridesmaids  arrive late, or the 3 year-old ring bearer boy decides it would be fun to swallow the wedding ring…the list of unfortunate events is indeed endless.  

What you might have observed in my examples is that it’s not always just other people that could let you down…YOU can let yourself down (e.g. you slept through your alarm, remember?). So whenever you have something big planned you need to have a back-up plan or what is more commonly known as a ‘plan B’. Such contigency plans are priceless tactics employed by just about every meticulous government, tycoon, stockbroker, wedding planner, boxer (well, in the case of Tyson Vs. Holifield I do not condone biting a chunk of our opponent’s ear when you’re losing)…you get my drift? You need to think of the worst thing that could possibly happen to ruin your plans and then plan for it and be sure that as much as possible your plan is air-tight, blunder-proof, anti-Enron…but is that enough? surely if I set my alarm on my mobile phone (which I will be charging overnight and is preset on the highest, most irritating tone and volume level) then I don’t need to do anything else, right? WRONG.

There is of course Plan C and the best part about this plan is (not the obvious fact that it takes care of the shortfalls of Plan B, duh) this plan makes you want to say, ‘well, why the hell did I bother with plan B in the first place?’ Ah, yes plan C is a thing of beauty, a work of art…only the brilliant minds can pull off one of these…but I beg to differ. Plan C’s usually require a third party that you can count on with your life. I’m talking ‘Bonnie & Clyde’ loyalty here. We all must have at least one person who wont let us down no matter what and you never know…someone might be relying on you to be their Plan C. Enjoy the ambush clip from Operation Daybreak to see how it went down…

Plan C…because Plan B’s not always enough.

4 thoughts on “Entry #51 – Plan C

  1. hahahah every wedding planner needs a Plan A to Z !!! it doesn’t stop at C !

    Trust me – the last wedding I organized – everything was perfect .. except the damn fairy lights .. first the rope length was too short for the drive way; then we had to get more rope; then needed more wire for cabling; the building wouldn’t let us plug it in from the ground floor on the day and so had to buy more rope & wire to get a connection off the 15th floor of a building; then the lights would only go halfway on ‘cos of the lengthy cabling process; then the building circuit box blew and took off one side of the lights; it was midnight – no electrician would come to fix this – and my bride made an entry into the building after her marriage with lights on one side of the driveway (cos the other side blew) .. luckily she was sitting on the side of the lights !!!

    phewwwwwwww !

  2. I came to you because of your post on the forums recently and at the sake of posting something irrelevant, I just want to leave a comment to say THANKS! If it hadn’t been for your “free comment” thread, I probably wouldn’t have found you, and I think you’re a fantastic read, so I’m glad I did. Generally, I despise political posts, as they usually centre on what I read in the news, but your’s put a more personal spin on things, and I like that.
    To add a little relevance to the current post, I’m planning a wedding, my oldest daughter’s in October. I’m dreading the extra plans I’m going to need now, since you so boldly put it out there that even Plan B hardly ever works!!

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