Does your partner go through your cell phone?

If ‘Yes’ is your answer then don’t fret – you’re not alone. I’ve been a victim of this invasion of privacy and have been constantly accused of trying to hide something. The obvious truth is that I have nothing to hide (as subsequent strip cell searches have revealed). However I detest the fact that my integrity is being put into question. I know my mischievous eyebrows are probably to blame but picking up my phone every time I’m in the toilet translates to trust issues, hyper curiosity or extreme paranoia.  Worse yet is the fact that instead of returning to the comfort of my living room I walk into the Spanish Inquisition. With nothing to defend myself other than my tongue I then go into a series of explanations which usually end up in a big argument. But you can try the following tactics in order to maintain cell phone privacy:

  • Locking your keypad with a security code (and changing it every hour in case your partner has been spying)
  • Carrying your phone EVERYWHERE you go (though it gets tricky when you and your partner are in bed…just use your imagination)
  • Never falling for the ‘I want to listen to your music’ or ‘I want to make a call’ ploy (if questions follow then someone told a fib)

Well I would like to know how you cope with this problem (if it is indeed a problem). Oh, and here’s one solution I almost forgot to share…

8 thoughts on “Does your partner go through your cell phone?

  1. Interesting subject. Also a bit worrying that your lady-love is has such prying eys; trust is a fundamental part of any relationship. why not try letting her have access to your phone…no arguments, nothing for a while she’ll probably get bored or think that you have another phone. I’d hate it if anyone went through my phone…so understand why you’re so frustrated…thankfully your relationship has other aspects that gives it a strong foundation or you’d have killed each other by now.

    • Hmmm, thought about that option but in the end the ‘ambiguous text messages’ from female friends could result in the ‘killing each other’ scenario you mentioned. It’s a dilemma dear 🙂

  2. My former partner does. So what’s my solution? I leave my phone pristine clean! Now, I’m single again so I can afford to have different contact info on my phone.

    • Brother, sadly we can’t change the habits of some of our partners. Perhaps with time the urge to screen mobile phones will die…that’s on an optimistic note. But I’m a pessimist.

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