Crazy Cocktail Recipies

Following the unprecedented success of the How to make a Chapman drink article (with over 1,300 views averaging at 3 views per day) I decided to share some personal cocktail recipes I concocted during my crazy moments which come once in a blue moon (Is there even such a thing as a ‘blue moon’? and THEY say I’m crazy…). Here are two accidental cocktail marvels I’ve decided to share with you (excuse the title-complexity of these otherwise simple creations):

Green Tsunami:

Ingredients – 1/2 a medium-sized Cucumber, 33cl Coca-Cola, and ice cubes

    1. Cut three thick slices of cucumber into six halves and throw into a tall glass
    2. Fill the glass halfway with ice-cubes
    3. Pour in a can of ice-cold coca-cola.
    4. Stir with a cocktail stick and enjoy with a straw (You won’t believe the unique taste!)


 Ingredients – 2 tablespoons of Natural Honey, 33cl Coca-Cola, and ice cubes

  1. Pour just enough coca-cola into a glass to cover the base of the glass.
  2. Stir in 2 tablespoons of honey and gradually pour in the rest of the coca-cola
  3. Add some ice-cubes and enjoy with a straw (simply delicious!)

You may have noticed that the recipes above are non-alcoholic. However for the members of AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) I strongly recommend adding a dash of Jack Daniels Whiskey before your confession at the next AA meeting.

Coco Chanana:

Ingredients – 1 Banana, 1 piece (half a regular sugar cube-size) of raw ginger, 1/2 teaspoon of chocolate powder, 1/2 pint of semi-skimmed milk, 3 scoops/full tablespoons of fresh unsweetened yoghurt, 2 capfuls of pineapple juice and semi-frozen ice cubes.

1. Dice the ginger and throw in a blender along with one chopped banana.

2. Pour in the semi-skimmed milk, yoghurt and then blend together for a few seconds.

3. Pour in the icecubes, the pineapple juice and blend briefly till smooth. Serve in a glass, sprinkle chocolate powder (or Nestle’s Milo). N.B – For alcohol content, pour in a capful of Malibu.

Enjoy 😀

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28 thoughts on “Crazy Cocktail Recipies

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  2. Hiya.Y r u jellof n nt chips? Trust ur fine. Pls wat quantity of drinks n bitters do i nid 2 cater 4 350 guest? i wnt to mk d chapman maslf. tanx

    • Hi Oyin. just look at some of the recent comments for the recipe catering for 100 guests and you’ll be able to estimate the quantity for 350. Enjoy! Thanks for the comment 🙂

  3. I love the taste of Chapman and just made one using ur recipe and it was a blast!
    Am stepping out now to get stuff and try the Cocola thing! Can’t wait to taste it!

    Tnx for sharing!

    • Hey Nkechi! I’m glad you liked it. Do check back because I have an important tip which could make your Chapman stand out from the rest I’ve come across at wedding events. It will be updated later today 🙂 Spread the word, cheers

  4. I am making the chapman for my huuuubbbbyyyy today and I know he will like it. he is a lover of Coca-Cola and I will try d others on Sunday for him and d children. thanks a lot Mr. Jollofffff. God bless u

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