What Nigerian Men really want

EP3 – What Nigerian men really want 

Before I go into any sort of detail, let me begin by saying I feel a lot of Nigerian men think they know what they want…until they have it and then they realize it wasn’t all they anticipated it to be – take for instance, a Hummer H3. If you’re not enlisted in the US army and due to be shipped to Syria or if you’ve not been shortlisted to star in the next (dare I say it, Nollywood directed) ‘RAMBO’ action flick then why on earth would you want to roll around the suburbs of Lagos in a ridiculously grotesque monster of a four-wheel drive? The answer may lie somewhere in the region of ‘Posing’, the flawed notion that bigger is always better… but I’m not too sure if it’s a babe magnet (though, I’m 100% sure it’s an armed-robber magnet!). In fairness, the current rate of wear and tear on our Nigerian roads is alarming and there has been a shift in demographics over the last decade – more motorists in Nigeria are buying SUVs partly so that they can enjoy a much lighter PTB (pothole-to-buttocks) impact during road travel…alas, I deviate.

“Nigerian men want control or at least the illusion of it.”

When it comes to the kind of women we want then there’s plenty room for variance – some like them tall, short, dark, light, slim, curvy, etc. But Nigerian men tend to want the same c-word in their relationships (and I don’t mean condom). Nigerian men want control or at least the illusion of it. No man wants to feel inadequate or feel like he’s not wearing the pants/trousers in the relationship. It’s all part of what makes a man feel like a man. Bossy women are a turn-off. If a man’s friends get a glimpse of this in public then that could spell bad news for his ego.

Other things Nigerian men want in a relationship seem secondary in comparison and include but are by no means limited to being able to cook (like Gordon Ramsay), satisfy in bed (like anyone who’s mastered the Karma Sutra) and being able to let them watch their football club matches with minimal or zero interruption, just to mention a few 🙂

2007 HUMMER H3x

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