Blackberries; Making it easier to ignore humans

I was looking forward to scoffing down a hot meal after a breathtaking gym session at my fitness club last night. I was greatly disappointed when I was told that the in-house restaurant was closed so I decided to go to Ikeja Shoprite Mall and try out the new hangout spot upstairs, which I think should have been called Blackberry Central.

Despite the crooning of the kamikaze karaoke crew all night, there was barely any acknowledgment from the uninterested guests – no clapping, no swaying from side to side, no nodding to the rhythm…except, of course, to the rhythm of the perpetual keypad tapping commonly associated with the receipt of a much awaited response on a blackberry chat. Was I the only one being forced to look at my wrist and table knife desperately whilst someone was ironically ‘killing me softly with his song’ (Note – that song should only be sung by women, period). Was I the only one seeing more flashing red lights than a laser eye surgeon? Maybe.

I ordered my healthy choice – spaghetti bolognese (I hope that’s how it’s spelt…too lazy to check Jamie Oliver’s website). When it eventually came, turns out it was able to feed three people. I had my work cut out for me so I raised up my sleeves, loosened my belt buckle a notch, and attempted to conquer the red spiral mountain. It was at that point I noticed two young men walk into the karaoke bar…restaurant… ‘karaokaurant’, and within minutes of finding a table to sit at, they both took out their blackberries and proceeded to ignore each other…pretty much for the same amount of time it took me to finish my Man v Food challenge (sorry Adam, I didn’t make it this time around). What’s so mesmerizing about having a silent conversation using your fingertips?

That’s the question I should have asked the last girl I took to the movies. She probably watched only the previews before the dreaded red light started flashing right into the corner of my eye. I practically told her off because that was down right rude (and it was a waste of my hard-earned money, fuel, and dating-time. The only flick she’ll be seeing with me is the one I would give her before walking away i.e. getting that dirt off my shoulder.

Are you one of those smart phone users whose ignoring people around subconsciously? Do you eat, drive or pee with your smartphone in your other hand? Is your smartphone taking over your social life? Do share…if you dare 😀 

8 thoughts on “Blackberries; Making it easier to ignore humans

  1. I own a Blackberry and I absolutely HATE it when people are glued to their BBM chats or Whatsapp chats !!
    I still prefer phone calls – and after 2-3 lines of messages I just pick up the phone and call the other person because its just faster to get the point across !

    • Well, what can I say…I’ve seen a lot of cheapskates who’d rather have unlimited bbm chats with over a hundred people than to keep buying topup vouchers. Long distance relationships all of a sudden seem attractive these days, lol. One day I might just shoot the (blackberry) messenger 🙂

  2. I think i am a perfect case of living without the holy ‘bbm’ i deleted off my phone for 2months and people were like how did you do it? I go err just go to settings… Advanced settings blablabla hehehe
    I was out with someone a couple of years ago and whilst were sitting at the cinema lobby waiting for the movie time, we didnt say a word to ourselves but were talking on bbm. I just looked at him and said we are so pathetic, epitome of antisocial behaviour.
    Its so sad how people dont have each other’s numbers nowadays. Me i love hearing the sound of people’s voices so much that i hyperventilate if i ve no call credit 😛
    Woooow long comment this is!

  3. I have noticed the trend and mercifully, I am not guilty. I call peeps out for doing that so I understand perfectly the sorta message(s) it sends and I don’t wanna be the sending out such messages. It’s just rude.

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