…a few final words in 2014 (semi-rant)

It’s been a heck of a year for some and a hell of a year for others. Anyone who suffered a bout of amnesia in 2014 could click on this link. There’s just a couple of things I want to get off my chest before we cruise into the new year:

Don’t get bogged down by new year resolutions – I’m not making any because the moment you do and you can’t fulfill them you could feel defeated and in the case where you’re trying to drop an old habit you could regress. Setting achievable but challenging goals is a good thing but I’m not going to add to the anxiety and make them sort of commandment I must live by and probably forget by the end of 2015.

“Old habits die hard.”

Think twice about carrying over dead-weight friends from 2014 – This is a no-brainer for people being owed money, people who’ve been duped, dumped and devastated one way or the other. Wake up and move on. There are brighter years ahead, more Facebook friends to connect with, more Twitter handles to follow or more real people to meet if you’re brave enough 🙂

Shop only if you have to! – I’ve got some clothes that are over 2 years old but I’ve learned the art of mix (wear shirt A with jeans A, then next time wear shirt A with Khaki A…tadaah!), the art of delay (wear best top in January and try not to wear it again till about mid February when most people may have forgotten about it), and that’s just for clothes. Don’t believe all the manufactured hype by manufacturers about expired foodstuff. My God-knows-how-old peanut butter never tasted better! Damn skippy! lol

Show appreciation – Muchos gratias to all my blog followers! I love you…*spreads arms as widely as possible*…this much! You helped me reach my target of 150,000 views in 2014. There are so many of you…Livelytwist, Colormepurple, Timibiex, Charles Williams, Manny Rutinel, Justvou, Strawberryquicksand, Bigddyjim, Naijamum, The Versatile Nigerian, and a whole lot more readers I can’t list because I have to rush and get ready for 10 o’clock Church ‘Crossover’ service. Hope you understand. There’s so much to be thankful for…so much to pray for…

My heart goes out to victims of the plane crashes earlier this year and just a couple of days ago. I pray that God will help #BringBackOurGirls (230 girls to be precise) who were kidnapped in Chibok, Nigeria by terrorists and have been missing for 261 days…and counting. My next alphabet post ‘K is for Kidnapping’ will be dedicated to the girls and updated when they are eventually rescued or released.

For Nigeria the 2015 Presidential election in February will be an event in history that will make or break the nation (my thoughts). I just pray God gives us a leader who will set Nigeria on the right path…out of corruption and into progression.

So long dear readers, haters, stalkers, toasters, and die-hard fans. It’s been a pleasure publishing for you all in 2014. Hope to see all (well not all of you) in 2015. Without further ado you know what’s coming next….

2015 happy new year Adios! See you in the next post 😀 @dcrazynigerian *turns over sign on laptop…closed for the year*

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