5 Signs that you’re in a One-sided Relationship

stock-vector-man-holding-umbrella-protecting-his-lover-from-getting-wet-in-rainy-day-love-concept-152740430As the saying goes, ‘It takes two to tango‘. Similarly in relationships each party needs to put in work to make it work. So if you were once head-over-heels for someone it’s quite possible that you left yourself vulnerable to being taken advantage of. Perfectly good eye-sight begins to fail as everyone else seems to notice inconsiderate behaviour on your partner’s part; everyone but you whose renewing rent on Cloud 9. However once the stupor has cleared from your eyes and you sink back into the harsh reality of your new relationship status (what’s that d word…not divorced…ah yes, ‘dumped’) you might just appreciate these signs, some of which were probably there the whole time:

i. You’re ALWAYS the one saying how you feel about your partner (and you don’t get so much as a ‘me too’). *Alarm bells should be ringing*

ii. You’re ALWAYS the one putting up their pic on BB or social media when its her birthday (but she puts up pics of herself, friends and family only). *Ambulances should be blaring*

iii. You’re ALWAYS being introduced her friends as *Insert your name here* (not ‘the boyfriend’). *Fire alert! Fire alert!*

iv. You’re ALWAYS the one doing and getting everything they want (and you wonder why she looks fresh and you look stressed). Now some would argue that it may be difficult to measure how much each party in a relationship is doing for the other, and therefore constitutes a grey area. Speaking of grey area, here’s the decider – if one of you starts getting premature grey hairs as a result of the Herculean tasks being assigned by your lover then you know the 411. *Call 911!, Call 911!*

v. You’re ALWAYS the one apologizing (even when it’s clearly not your fault). In extreme cases you even make excuses for her – That’s not poetic but pathetic *He’s having a nervous breakdown. He’s gonna have to go into ER*

And now I leave you with a song that is perfect for when you (eventually) get over the eX.WhY? Zero is how many #%&!$ you give 😛 *Enjoy the video*


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