5 Reasons why Married Men go to Strip clubs

man in strip club10.51 pm – It’s been a hard day at work, complete with no breakfast, lunch or dinner…’hectic’ is the understatement of the year…he’s seen more deadlines today than a medical student in an old people’s ward! Necktie loosened…he heads home…mad traffic all the way back…up ahead he sees all of the lights…all of the neon lights, that is. Like a moth to a flame he can’t resist the cosmic powers of these bright flashing lights and they’re magically turning his steering wheel off his intended homebound route into a secret world where the poles run high and the girls get low..He’s gets into a comfortable slouch and he’s enjoying the show…he consumes a Hennessey quadruple and washes it down with two lap-dances. It’s getting late after midnight…he’s getting woozy…he’s feeling sick…and his wife is worried sick.

So why do some (not all) married men go to strip clubs? Here’s five possible reasons why:

1. Boredom – Whether at work or at home they can get bored and want something amusing to entertain them and strip clubs would give them an eyeful, a handful and a ‘lap-ful’ all at the same time. No excitement in a dull marriage is as good as any invitation to unorthodox pleasures, in my opinion.

strip club 22. Arousal – The unfamiliar exotic scent of a loosely clad temptress, the hypnotic effect of her acrobatic performance, and the rush of testosterone whenever she puts her curves to work twerk are things you don’t just find anywhere unless of course a man’s wife has a ‘past life’ or was curious enough to take private lessons for marital spicing.

“sometimes knocking back a few shots or pints doesn’t quite cut it when you want to forget the foes at work and the woes at home. “

3. Fulfill fantasy – Sadly not every married man may have fulfilled their erotic fantasies before they got married; maybe he wanted to see two women make out, see an exotic dancer work the pole or get himself a mind-blowing lap-dance. Ideally a married man would have a partner who was willing to try fulfilling those fantasies but there are limits and we men need to be reasonable (I mean how many married women would actually D.U.R.P? only the adventurous ones, that’s who.)

strip club 34. Release tension – For those married men who drink, sometimes knocking back a few shots or pints doesn’t quite cut it when you want to forget the foes at work and the woes at home. Sometimes it takes a certain type of distraction to take a man’s mind completely off anything that is bugging him, at least for that moment. I find going to the gym, movies or playing a video game works wonders for me.

“Sometimes it all becomes a bit too much and they just want a haven where they don’t have to think; they just want to be entertained.”

5. Escape – Married men may get that trapped feeling but that probably varies depending on how much ‘me’ time they want at any point in time. Sometimes they don’t want to hear about the unpaid utility bills, sometimes they don’t want to hear their two kids arguing over one particular toy they both want to play with at the same time. Sometimes it all becomes a bit too much and they just want a haven where they don’t have to think; they just want to be entertained.

strip club 4A married man visiting a strip club doesn’t mean he loves his wife any less. A married man frequenting a strip club means he’s becoming addicted and this could form a habit that’s hard to habit – we’re talking naked women who are ALWAYS in a good mood and are more welcoming than a member of The Salvation Army on Christmas Day.

…and for those innocent readers who haven’t got the slightest clue about what I’ve been blabbing on about, you can catch up by watching Showgirls…only if you’re over the age of 18 🙂

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11 thoughts on “5 Reasons why Married Men go to Strip clubs

  1. If a man’s marriage is so bad that he’s going to a strip club for any of the reasons listed above, well I’d sooner get a divorce and set my wife free than put her through that. I’d also have to kick my own butt.

  2. I doubt that i will ever understand men and their need for nonsense! Why marry a woman who you cannot tell your sexual desires? Wise men ensure they marry their “spec” and help that woman keep fit and sexy. Going to strip clubs is something an omo boy should do and not a married man. We preach, but do they listen?

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  4. OK here’s another thought. Strippers are exhibitionists. Men who frequent strip clubs are voyeurs. It is a perfect symbiotic relationship. Elegant and simple 🙂

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