2012: The Good, The Bad and The Dodgy

bye bye 20122012 to some best describes an epic disaster movie starring John Cusack in which he races against time (and meteorites  to get his family aboard an ark. But for me 2012 has been  a year of promise, a year of hope, a year of excitement, a year of trying new things, a year of making bold choices, a year of patience, a year of endurance, a year of enlightenment, a year of realization, a year of possibilities….in short, a year to remember. Here are some of the memorable things that happened to me in MMXII:

The Good (Stuff that would probably bore you and turn your eyes green)

  • I’m alive and in good health
  • My family is also alive and in good health
  • I never lacked anything
  • I was selected by the executive management of my organization for a special project
  • I got a transfer from a distant office to a much closer (and cooler) location at H/O
  • I had an awesome reunion with my siblings and in-laws during my UK trip
  • A friend gave my apartment a contemporary makeover (landlord need not know)
  • Made some new contacts in the media world
  • I wrote and successfully published my first novel
  • The Crazy Nigerian sold out at Terra Kulture, V.I – Lagos
  • ‘She’ likes me too (that’s as far as I’ve gotten, lol)

The Bad (Stuff that hurt me, period)

  • I lost a good friend Wale Eribake in the Dana plane crash on June 3rd (RIP bro)
  • I watched the sheer brutality of man – #Aluu4 killings video clip (PG)

The Dodgy (Stuff that is downright bizarre and makes you go, ‘Seriously?’)

  • #OccupyNigeria movement put the economy at a stand still for six days in Jan
  • Gangam style has over 1,000,000,000 youtube views (and I can do it too)
  • My article How To Make a Chapman drink has 10,905 views and counting

Well that’s it from me this year. Thank you all for reading, commenting, liking, voting, following, debating, supporting and sharing. Sound like it’s all over but don’t despair…it’s only for a couple more hours and you’ll have that blogtonic you’re secretly addicted to 😀


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